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  • Chelsea Harmon

Flagrant Ahead: Draymond Green’s A Liability For Golden State

It was his aggressive play that jettisoned him to greatness and it’s that same assertiveness that has garnered the 26-year-old power forward an assortment of flagrant fouls that have ultimately led to his suspension in the postseason last year. Despite early success as a Spartan under the tutelage of legendary coach Tom Izzo at Michigan State, Green has quickly assumed the role of villain on the hardwood as a pro, becoming known for his outlandish antics and numerous flagrant fouls. It was Izzo who came to Green’s defense last season when the high flying offensive powerhouse was sidelined with a suspension in Golden State's championship series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, “he’s not necessarily a street fighter, he’s not a thug,” Izzo said on the Mike and Mike ESPN radio program, “he is a guy that plays with incredible passion, incredible toughness, and winning is important.” (

Unfortunately for Steve Kerr & Co. Green hasn’t reigned in his passion, as Tom Izzo would put it and somehow managed to kick James Harden in the head as he went for the lay in off the glass from the right lane. Now to be clear Harden wasn’t seriously injured on the play and referees are undoubtedly biased by Green’s record of overzealous acrobatics but the former second round draft pick collected his first flagrant foul of the year, putting him dangerously back on track to becoming one of the most unruly players a la Ron Artest A.K.A Metta World Peace. The veteran pro isn’t batting any eyelashes at his latest run-in with referee staff, tweeting “marked…” shortly after the contest ended.

Well not everyone is taking his signature kicks as a joking matter, many in the basketball community are crying foul on Green’s latest demonstration of dexterity and flexibility as an inexcusable example of his lack of self-control. Memphis Grizzlies television play-by-play announcer Pete Pranica weighed in on Green’s latest circus play, tweeting “the Draymond Green leg flail/kick to the head is getting old. It’s not a natural basketball move. A rule is in place; it was enforced.”

Content providers couldn’t help but weigh in on Green’s outlandish behavior in the Warriors loss to the Rockets either.

Even fans have had enough of his unruly displays.

And Green couldn’t be bothered with taking responsibility for his own actions, telling the Bay Area News “They [referees] going to do what they going to do, ain’t got nothing to do with me,” after the game.

Well Draymond the jig is up and the act is old, time to put on some big boy pants and cut the foolishness. You’re a great offensive power, an even better defensive specialist but you will be standing in the unemployment line if you can’t keep your hands and feet to yourself, now take that check to the bank and cash it.

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