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6 Trades that Will Help the NBA

As NBA fans, we watch games for our enjoyment. Some good teams, some bad teams. We sometimes wonder what pieces are missing for certain teams. Every fan cheering for their city’s team usually has a wish list of players they want on their respective teams. I remember how badly Knick fans wanted Carmelo Anthony on the Knicks. On February 22, 2011, Carmelo Anthony completely revived New York City. So why shouldn’t these trades happen more often? Especially if it’s for better balance of the NBA? There’s plenty of disgruntled players who seek help (shout out to DeMarcus Cousins) There’s plenty of players who simply NEED the help (shout out to Anthony Davis) Let’s take a look at some potential trading deadline deals that should or could happen.

*These trade ideas are simply my ideas, approved by ESPN Trade Machine and not at all to be taken seriously*

Proposed Trade – Rudy Gay to the New Orleans Pelicans; Jrue Holiday to the Sacramento Kings

Why it should happen: The Pelicans desperately need a wing player who can relieve some pressure off Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis has dealt with a sore back this season and it’s probably because he’s tired of carrying his team on his back every night, really though. Rudy Gay is fully capable of putting 20+ points a game. He’s also not happy in Sacramento as he’s been in numerous trade talks all year long. Kings has been it known they want a point guard to cater to DeMarcus Cousins. While Darren Collison is a fine player, he’s nowhere as good as Jrue Holiday. This trade would make both teams happy as Pelicans already have a capable young point guard in Tim Frazier who isn’t an injury risk like Jrue Holiday.

Proposed Trade – DeMarcus Cousins to the Washington Wizards; Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter JR and 2017 & 2019 1st round-picks to the Sacramento Kings

Why it should happen: Ok, it’s no secret DeMarcus Cousins is not happy with the Kings organization. They have failed to build a team around him to his liking. The Kings are surely heading to another 35-win season. That’s not going to equal to playoffs in the Western Conference. To make matters worse, they have a disgruntled franchise player who can opt out in the summer of 2018 to become an unrestricted free agent (UFA). The Kings have a difficult choice to make until then. They can send him East, which is ideal. The Kings can get younger and go on a rebuilding phase without having to lose Cousins for nothing. They would get a fine young player in Otto Porter JR who can blossom into a good NBA player. I honestly think he’s capable of being a Harrison Barnes type of player. DeMarcus would also reunite with his Kentucky alum John Wall. A trio of DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall & Bradley Beal in the East? Sign me up.

Proposed Trade – Lou Williams to the Memphis Grizzlies; Tony Allen, Andrew Harrison & future 2017, 2018 second-round draft pick to the Los Angeles Lakers

Why it should happen: Sweet Lou can still ball and he can really score in a hurry. He’s the perfect complement to a playoff team where he can come off the bench to provide a spark. He’s a 30-year old guard who still probably have a few good years left in the tank. Lakers would get a veteran All-First NBA defender in Tony Allen as a mentor while also getting a young capable point guard in Harrison. Williams would become a UFA in 2018 and he’s going to demand a lot of money which Lakers shouldn’t give him. The 2 future second-round picks aren’t anything to write about, but Lakers would gladly have it as they can continue to search for pieces to solidify their young core.

Proposed Brook Lopez to the Charlotte Hornets; Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Jeremy Lamb, Frank Kaminsky to the Brooklyn Nets

Why it should happen: The Hornets really haven’t had a true center that’s capable of putting up 20+ points. Kemba Walker has lead his Hornets team to relevance and he deserves to have more capable teammates. Brook Lopez would fill the void that Charlotte has been missing for years. This would really push them into the top 4 conversation in the East. Brooklyn wants to get younger without having to pay their aging superstar in the summer of 2018 when Lopez is a UFA.

Proposed trade Nerlens Noel to the Boston Celtics; Marcus Smart and James Young to the Philadelphia 76ers

Why it should happen: Nerlens Noel has been on the Celtic’s radar for a while now, and he can probably be had for cheap. This trade makes sense for both teams as Marcus Smart would immediately be the starting point guard for the 76ers where Nerlens Noel would be the starting center in Boston, where he can really push Al Horford back to his normal power forward position. The 76ers have made it known they need to move one of their big man in Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel. This trade would improve both teams, why not?!

Proposed Trade – Enes Kanter to the Milwaukee Bucks; Greg Monroe and Michael Beasley to the Oklahoma City Thunder

Why it should happen: Greg Monroe has fallen out of flavor for Bucks Coach Jason Kidd, where Enes Kanter doesn’t appear to have Thunder Coach Billy Donovan's trust either. This trade would benefit both teams in my opinion where Thunder still receives an inside scoring presence in Monroe and receive a scoring punch on the wing from Michael Beasley. Kanter would likely start for the Bucks and can easily get a double-double on a nightly basis playing next to the Greek Freak.

What do you guys think? Let me know if you have any trade ideas that should happen! Follow and Tweet me @fungo24 for anything basketball!

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