• Kory Waldron

Top 25 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time: 5

5. Larry Bird 24.3 PPG 10 TRB 6.3 APG

  • 3x MVP

  • 12x NBA All-Star

  • 3x NBA Champion

  • 2x NBA Finals MVP

  • 9x All-NBA First Team

  • 1x All-NBA Second Team

  • 3x All-NBA Defensive Second Team

  • NBA Rookie of the Year

  • 3x Gold Medalist

“Larry Legend,” Larry Bird was seen by most as the greatest small forward to ever play before LeBron James stole his throne. Bird only played in the league for 13 years due to an assortment of injuries by how hard he played. Bird played with hunger and grit, if there was a loose ball you could bet Bird was going for it. It cost him later on in his career yet, Bird remains one of the most complete players ever. He helped reinforce the legendary Boston Celtics rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers with his clashes against Magic Johnson. And, if you’re wondering Johnson is floating somewhere above Bird on this list.

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