• Brett Carroll

LeBron's Magic Touch: Why LeBron Embracing His Inner Magic Johnson Is What's Best for the Ca

The Cleveland Cavaliers are out to a great start to the new season, and their best players are off to great starts to the season. Kyrie Irving is averaging 25 points a game, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds so far. LeBron James is averaging a double-double with 21, 10, and 8. Kevin Love is averaging almost a double-double as well, with 20 points and 9 rebounds a game. So far, the big three are playing their roles perfectly, and if the Cavs are going to succeed, then this trend needs to continue, especially with Kyrie & LeBron.

LeBron will help the team best if he continues to try be the team’s unofficial point guard. It’s his most natural position, and he sees the floor better than anyone in the game. If Kyrie is going to have the MVP season that I think he will, he’s going to have to continue to be the team’s best scorer, especially with Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard having the seasons that they’re having so far. That means LeBron will have to be the team’s point guard, and take it easy with the scoring. LeBron can get his 21 points a game easily, the way he can get to the basket, and the way the Cavs will use him on fast breaks. If he focuses on being the point guard, he’ll get the best out of the other players on the team.

LeBron admitted that he’s still trying to be the best player of all-time and to dethrone Michael Jordan. To do that, I don’t think that he can do it the way Kobe Bryant tried to. LeBron is at his best when he’s getting double and triple doubles. Unlike Jordan and Bryant, James is much better at getting the absolute best from his teammates. That’s what the Cavs will need from him this year. That includes taking a step back from his scoring duties, and letting Kyrie showcase his elite scoring abilities. That’s what makes LeBron so great, and if he wants to go down as the GOAT, he’s going to have to showcase why he’s DIFFERENT from Jordan, not try to emulate what Jordan accomplished. James will balance out the Cavs attack, and if he continues to set Kevin Love up with open shots, and lets Kyrie take over as the primary scorer, than the Cavs will be almost unstoppable offensively.

This move helps Kyrie as well. I’ve mentioned this in my two previous pieces, but Kyrie’s transformation into the league’s best point guard is key if the Cavs want to build a dynasty. As LeBron gets older, more and more of the offensive load will have to be put on Irving’s shoulders. Kyrie has proven that he is one of the league’s best scorers, but hasn’t been given the credit as one of the league’s best players yet. That should change this year, as Kyrie will continue to showcase his talents on the highest level. The Cavs will go as far as Both James and Irving will carry them, and James knows that Irving will have to do a lot more of the heavy lifting now that James is entering his 14th year in the league. James knows that the regular season no longer matters, and that his legacy will be told in rings. If he takes the passive role and lets Irving handle the scoring, then his chances for more rings grows, and he’ll most likely save his body and play longer in the league as well.

Like I stated in my last piece, I believe the Cavs are destined to repeat this year. This Magic Johnson approach will be a major reason why. So far, all is going according to plan!

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