• Kory Waldron

Top 25 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time: 7

7. Shaquille O’Neal 23.7 PPG 10.9 RPG 2.5 APG 58.2 FG% 2.3 BLK

  • 1x MVP

  • 15x NBA All-Star

  • 4x NBA champion

  • 3x NBA Finals MVP

  • 8x All-NBA First Team

  • 2x All-NBA Second Team

  • 4x All-NBA Third Team

  • 3x All-Defensive Second Team

  • 2x NBA Scoring Champion

  • NBA Rookie of the Year

  • 2x Gold Medalist

  • 7th All-Time on the NBA Scoring List: (28,596)

“Shaq, The Big Aristotle, Diesel,” Shaq was 7-1 over 300 pounds yet in his earlier days with Orlando; Shaq would at times carry the ball up court and run his own fast-break. Unreal for a guy his size. Then finally when Shaq joined the Los Angeles Lakers he became an unstoppable force in the league. From 1999 to 2003, Shaq was the best player in the league. He was dominant on both sides of the ball and the only way to slow him down became the infamous “Hack-a-Shaq”. In Shaq’s MVP season he averaged 29.7 PPG 13.6 RPG 3.8 APG 3.0 BLK. Shaq also holds the 3rd best PER(26.43) in NBA history behind only LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Coincidence? No. Shaq is one of the greatest centers and players of all-time.

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