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Top 25 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time: 11-15

15. Jerry West 27 PPG 5.8 RPG 6.7 APG 2.6 STL

“The Logo”, West for those who aren’t aware is in fact the man displayed in the NBA logo. West played in the era before there was a three point line, but that didn’t stop him from averaging over 30 points four different seasons. West to this day is still one of two players in the history of the NBA to average 40 points throughout an NBA postseason. The other? Michael Jordan. West only won one title in 1972, but he made it to the NBA Finals nine times. Unfortunately, West and the Los Angeles Lakers ran into Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics. West was the first and only player in NBA history to win Finals MVP on the losing team.

14. Karl Malone 25 PPG 10.1 RPG 3.6 APG

“The Mailman”, Malone was a two time MVP and sits at number two on the all-time points scored list with 36,928. Yeah, that’s a lot of points. Malone wasn’t able to capture a ring despite being paired with another top 20 great, John Stockton. The two became one of the best duos in NBA history, however the duo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen got the best of them two years in a row. Malone put the power in Power Forward.

13. Julius Erving 24.2 PPG 8.5 RPG 4.2 APG 50.6 FG%

“Dr. J”, Erving was a one time MVP and one time NBA champion, however in his ABA days prior to the NBA. Erving won two ABA titles and three MVPs. Erving and Moses Malone would both become the face of the Philadelphia 76ers. Erving is best known for how he made the game look graceful and effortless.

12. Oscar Robertson 25.7 PPG 7.5 RPG 9.5 APG 48.5 FG%

“Big O”, Robertson is still the only player in NBA history to average a Triple-double for an entire season and he was .1 off from doing it twice. Robertson was a one time MVP and NBA champion. Ironically, the year Robertson won MVP was the year he missed averaging a Triple-Double by .1 rebounds a game, go figure. Robertson was the whole package as a Point Guard, one of the first to stuff the stat sheet.

11. Wilt Chamberlain 30.1 PPG 22.9 RPG 4.4 APG 54 FG%

“Wilt the Stilt”, now hear me out. I know half of you just closed this page, while the other half are trying to figure out what drugs I may be on. Wilt was amazing for his time, he scored 100 points in a single game. What’s more incredible is he averaged 50 PPG and 27 RPG in a season; Chamberlain won four MVPs and won two titles to go along with his resume. He sits fifth on the all-time points scored list (31,419) and first in all-time rebounds (23,924), so why outside the top 10? At 7-1 and with how the league was back then, there weren’t many teams that could limit or contain Chamberlain. He is an All-Time great without question, and I have no complaint with him in anyone's Top 10. He just misses the cut on this list.

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