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  • Jonathan Ebrahimi

The MVP Race: Preseason Ranking

It’s hard to separate players before even a single minute of 2016/2017 regular season basketball has been played.

We have no idea how Russell Westbrook will fare on his own in OKC, or how Steph Curry and Kevin Durant will divvy up shots. Will LeBron chase a 5th MVP award, or will he coast through to the All-Star break once again? Will Chris Paul and Blake Griffin manage to stay healthy?

These are all questions that will go unanswered until the opening night (tip-off on October 25th at 8:00pm EST) when Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks take on LeBron James and the defending champion, Cleveland Cavaliers. Until then, all we can do is speculate; speculate on how each player will perform and on how the offseason will impact the way the this year’s regular season will unfold.

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