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Top 25 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time: 20-16

20. John Stockton 13.1 PPG 10.5 APG 2.2 STL 51.5 FG%

“Stock”; a true point guard by definition, not many ran an offense like Stockton. In his 18 year career he made the playoffs 18 times. Granted, a majority of his time in the league he was paired with another star (who’s higher on this list). Stockton never was able to finish off a season with a title, thanks to a Chicago team that got in the way. Since retiring from the league following the 02-03 season, Stockton still leads the NBA in all-time assists (15,806) and all-time steals (3,265), in his best season he averaged 17.2 PPG 14.2 APG 2.9 STL.

19. Moses Malone 20.3 PPG 12.3 RPG 1.3 APG 1.3 BLK

“Chairman of the Boards”; now I’ll be the first to say, I missed out on watching Moses Malone play. However, stats don’t lie! Malone was a three time MVP, as well a one time NBA champion, where he was named Finals MVP. Malone also holds the record for most offensive rebounds of all-time (6,731). In Malone’s best season he averaged 31.1 PPG 14.7 RPG while averaging 42 MPG, and that year he went on to win his second MVP.

18. Dirk Nowitzki 22 PPG 7.9 RPG 2.5 AST 47.4 FG% 38.1 3P%

One of the first real effective stretch fours in the league, a seven foot tall stretch four? Are you kidding? The unorthodox style of play, Dirk has been the face of the Dallas Mavericks since his arrival. Dirk is entering his 18th season, currently he sits at eighth all-time in total points scored. Dirk is an MVP and a NBA champion. The most notable accomplishment was the championship back in 2011, the Mavericks were underdogs facing the newly formed Miami Heat “Big 3”. Dirk led Dallas with 27.7 PPG during that playoff run. Dirk Nowitzki despite being 37, still has yet to show any real signs of slowing up offensively.

17. Charles Barkley 22.1 PPG 11.7 RPG 3.9 AST 1.5 STL 54.1 FG%

“Sir Charles”; MVP, All-NBA teams, Gold Medalist. Barkley just couldn’t get that elusive NBA title. Though he criticizes players for forming super teams, Barkley was one of the first guys who went ring hunting. It just didn’t pan out with the league firmly under Jordan’s rule. Barkley himself however was a beast on both ends of the court, although he may not look it now. Barkley was a force, a freak in his time.

16. Scottie Pippen 16.1 PPG 6.4 RPG 5.2 AST

“Pip”; it’s hard to mention Michael Jordan and not bring up his sidekick. Pippen helped Jordan and the Chicago Bulls win six NBA titles. It’s easy to say Jordan may not have won six titles had he not had Pippen. Pippen was a sound all-around forward offensively and was the second option behind Jordan for years. Defensively, there arguably wasn’t a better perimeter defender in the 90s or even in the history of the NBA.

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