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2017 NBA Draft Potential Top 30 Prospects: Players 1-10

1. Josh Jackson SG. 6-8, 207 (Kansas) Fresh. - Josh Jackson can do it all! He’s a terrific scorer, he can handle the rock, he can shoot it from either inside or out, sensational athlete who plays unselfish. He’s excellent in transition with or without the ball. All eyes on the superstar.

2. Harry Giles PF. 6-10, 220 (Duke) Fresh. - Harry Giles has outstanding athletic ability. He’s 6-10 with a 7’3 wingspan; he’s strong and brings a great amount of energy to his game. He’s very competitive and honestly has the potential to be a defensive superstar. Despite his injury concerns, a healthy Giles is a dangerous player. The guy can flat out play.

3. Markelle Fultz SG. 6-4, 180 (Washington) Fresh. - Markelle Fultz is a big guard for his position. He has great court vision with the ability to make plays for himself and others. It’s almost like he can see the play’s before they happen. He’s strong; he can score and also gets up and down the floor well in transition.

4. Thomas Bryant C. 6-10, 245 (Indiana) Soph. - Thomas Bryant has been in comparison talks of current NBA star Al Jefferson. He’s strong, has nice size and recently transitioned his scoring ability from both inside and out. He shoots at a very high percentage and gets up and down the floor well. Bryant could have very well been a first round draft pick in the 2016 NBA draft however, h decided to return to Indiana for his sophomore year.

5. Frank Ntilikina PG. 6-5, 180 (France) Intl. - Frank Ntilikina has outstanding court vision. He’s a tough point guard whose poise and knows how to find his teammates. He has a 7’0 wingspan which helps contributes to his game on the defensive end. He’s not the greatest scorer however, he has the ability to knock down the mid-range shot or get to the basket at ease.

6. Dennis Smith G. 6-3, 195 (NC State) Fresh. - Dennis Smith brings strength, toughness, physicality along with great body control. He can finish at the rim with either hand. He’s very athletic and quick. Smith is very dangerous on off the ball-screens, tremendous one on one player whose crafty and has the ability to get into the lane on any defender.

7. Jonathan Isaac F. 6-10, 210 (Florida St.) Fresh. - Jonathan Isaac is a great athlete who can play above the rim. Great ball handler for his size, has good speed, a solid shooter who loves to shoot off the dribble. Isaac has a ton of versatility and brings great energy to his game.

8. Tyler Lydon F. 6-9, 223 (Syracuse) Soph. - Tyler Lydon is a very skilled forward. He works hard; he’s athletic for his size and has a nice touch to his shot. He’s an intelligent player who’s competitive and is going to give 100 % on both ends of the court.

9. Ivan Rabb PF. 6-11, 220 (California) Soph. - Ivan Rabb is long, athletic with a nice touch around the rim. He’s a tremendous shot blocker and overall solid defender. Rabb has a good post game and does really well going one-on-one. He’s a terrific rebounder who gets up and down the floor well in transition.

10. De’Aaron Fox PG. 6-3, 170 (Kentucky) Fresh. - De’Aaron Fox is the truth! He’s a combination guard who has great speed and gets up and down the floor well. He’s tough, very competitive and plays above the rim. Fox can run the stat sheet up fast. This guy is confident, aggressive and lives for performing at the highest stage.

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