• Nick Vigliotti

Making An NFL Offense With NBA Players

It is always fun to imagine our favorite athletes playing another sport and wondering how they would do. Who hasn’t wanted to see LeBron James strap up some football pads, or see if Alex Rodriguez is as good at football and basketball as people claim? Well I decided to go ahead and come up with a NFL offense consisting of NBA stars.

Quarterback- John Wall, Washington Wizards (6’4”, 195 pounds):

Wall has everything you look for when you are searching for a quarterback in a NBA player. He is the unquestioned leader of the Washington Wizards and does a great job getting everyone involved in the offense (10.2 assists per game). If an opposing defense is getting pressure in Wall’s face, his elite athleticism would allow him to escape the pocket and put pressure on the defense with his running ability.

Running Back- Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers (6’0”, 175 pounds):

Paul might be undersized for a running back, but his vision would allow him to succeed. No one sees the court as well as Paul and his speed, acceleration, and quickness would allow him to take advantage of the running lanes provided. Paul’s all-around game would allow him to be a versatile part of the offense and contribute in the passing game. If the offense gets flustered, Paul’s leadership would provide something for the team to rally around.

Tight End- LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers (6’8”, 250 pounds):

Tight ends can be a focal point of a passing game (Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed, etc.), and there is no bigger mismatch than James on a defensive back. With LeBron at tight end, there are two possibilities: James is too fast for linebackers and safeties to cover, or he is too big for corners and safeties. James athleticism will create mismatches all over the field.

Wide Receiver- Paul George, Indiana Pacers (6’9”, 220 pounds):

In the pass happy NFL, offenses must be able to throw the ball to be successful. George provides the ability to be a big time playmaker at receiver who can go up and get the jump balls Wall throws his way. George isn’t just tall, he’s got some springs in his legs and opposing corners will be hard pressed to matchup with someone like George.

Wide Receiver- Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors (6’9”, 240 pounds):

Durant provides a more possessive receiver opposite the highlight reels of James and George. Durant isn’t as explosive an athlete as those two, but his 7’5” wingspan provides Wall with a massive red zone target and an impossible matchup for opposing defenses. Throwing to Durant would also allow Wall to put the ball where only Durant would get it, away from coverage.

Offensive Line: DeAndre Jordan, Zach Randolph, Steven Adams, Kendrick Perkins, David West:

A mean and physical offensive line that is also athletic enough to deal with speedy edge rushers. All five players possess a mean streak that I would love to have in my offensive linemen and enforce their will on the opposition.

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