• Michael Lynch

The San Antonio Spurs as Pokémon

Tony Parker- Kabuto

Once, legend has it of a point guard from France who could cut down the lane and shoot a floater that no seven-footer could block. Fast as lightning and always made the right play, but sadly time made him extinct… But every now and then there is a spotting of this rare Kabuto. I just hope everyone enjoys it while they still get a chance.

Manu Ginobili – Kadabra

While it could be said that Tony, Manu, and Pau could all be Kadabra, but I chose Manu. Kadabra is not quite Alakazam, just like Manu is not quite full strength Manu. Father Time is still undefeated. However, Manu will show you flashes of magic and make you wonder how he did that or where he came from. For these reasons, I think Manu makes a perfect Kadabra.

Kawhi Leonard – Machamp

Have you seen Kawhi play defense? The only way that it makes sense is that he has four super strong arms ripping the ball away from whoever has to match up with him. Plus with the future of the Spurs legacy riding on his and LaMarcus Aldridge’s shoulders, he’s going to need all of that muscle.

Pau Gasol – Slowpoke

This is not your Lakers’ Gasol. However, if you ever watched the original animated show you would know that Slowpoke is still a very effective Pokémon and is still able to contribute his part to the team. Which is exactly what Pau can do for any team, and especially the Spurs.


Tim Duncan – Persian

He is now sitting with the boss, watching everything happen, and hoping that the team can finish the job for him. He has been around for a while and he is the boss’ favorite. Tim Duncan could probably still go out and play 10 minutes a game and be effective, but he’s earned the right to call it quits. Now just sit back and cheer for the team Timmy.

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