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Greatest All-Time Starting 5: Brooklyn Nets

Here at Off the Glass we’re taking on the arduous task of going through every NBA teams’ greatest possible starting five, using players that have played for that franchise. A player at each position (Point Guard through Center) will be selected, along with a 6th man who can be any position.

This is how it works:

  • Players selected must have played at least two full seasons for the franchise

  • The selection will be based on a combination of statistics, accomplishments/accolades and their significance to the franchise in question

  • Players had to have predominantly played at that particular position for at least one season to be eligible

Let’s get started.

Brooklyn Nets

Point Guard- Jason Kidd: This one is a no-brainer. Kidd led the Nets to two straight NBA Finals, and almost averaged a triple double during his Nets tenure. Kidd made the Nets one of the most exciting teams in the league when he was there. Deron Williams could have been in this spot if he didn’t totally butcher his time with the Nets. At one point Williams was considered one of, if not the, best point guards in the league. His failure to produce in Brooklyn helps make Kidd the obvious choice.

Shooting Guard-Vince Carter: Vinsanity. Half man, half amazing. VC. Call him what you want, Vince Carter was amazing to watch and will be in the Hall of Fame one day. He averaged 27 points a game during his tenure in New Jersey and was a focal point of a Nets roster in years after their Finals run.

Small Forward- Julius Erving aka Dr. J: We have to go back to the Nets ABA days for this one, but Dr. J is the most famous Net of all-time. Smooth and cool, Dr. J was incredible around the basket, making silky smooth lay ups and dunks every game, and making them look easy in the process. Richard Jefferson also gets a lot of consideration here, but again, no one is passing the doctor!

Power Forward- Kenyon Martin: I know older heads will make the case for Buck Williams and others, but Martin was my favorite Net growing up, so I’m going to show him some love here. Picked with the number one pick in the draft, Martin was fuel rod to the up tempo style that the Nets played with. Martin would electrify the crowd with his ferocious dunks, mostly off of fast break alley-oops from Kidd. Martin did make the All-Star team one year as well. Martin averaged over 15 points and 8 rebounds a game while with the Nets as well.

Center- Brook Lopez: Lopez is one of the most underrated players in the league. I personally believe he is the best offensive center in the game, although not the most complete one. Lopez has gotten better each of the past two seasons, and still has a bright future ahead of him. Not to mention, Lopez has shown a desire to stay with the Nets for his entire career.

Sixth Man- Joe Johnson: Johnson is a seven time All-Star and if the Nets were more successful during his Brooklyn run, he would have cracked the starting spot. Nevertheless, Johnson (or Uncle Joe as I call him), did have a great run with the Nets, and was easily the best player on those early Brooklyn teams besides Lopez. He just edges out Richard Jefferson for the sixth man role.

Did I miss any of your favorite Nets? Let me know if you agree or disagree – @Neva_4Brett_ME

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