• Xavier Sanders

Top 5 2017 NBA Draft Prospects

Witnessing arguably one of the best NBA seasons along with an even better offseason, NBA fans are in for a treat! The 2017 draft prospects are projected to be loaded with a lot of exceptional talent. Here are potentially the top 5 draft picks for next year.

Josh Jackson SG. 6-8, 207 (Kansas) Fr.

*Photo via Fox Sports

Josh Jackson is the real deal! I personally believe Jackson could play in the NBA right now. This guy has outstanding athletic ability. He can score, rebound, he’s explosive and plays above the rim. Jackson has the ability to be an elite wing at the NBA level. He can handle the rock, he can score on you from inside or out, and to add to that,he’s also a solid shooter. I’m predicting big things for the freshman this season with the Jayhawks. Without question he’s a one-and-done.

KEYS TO THE NBA: Josh will need to put on some weight to stay dominant at his position,he will now face more physical/stronger players. He also needs to continue improving his shot and decision making.

Harry Giles PF. 6-10, 220 (Duke) Fr.

*Photo via Getty Images

Giles brings great energy, he gets up and down the floor well for his size. He’s athletic with a 7’3 wingspan, he’s strong and has that aggressive edge to his game. Similar to Kevin Garnett, this guy can do it all. Giles has a high basketball IQ, he’s an outstanding rebounder, can play on both ends of the court and to add to that, he’s headed to Duke with one of the best coaches in the world! Imagine where coach K could potentially take Giles's game?

KEYS TO THE NBA: Staying healthy! Giles has already had two ACL surgeries. As well, Giles needs to be getting stronger and adjusting at his position. Giles will gain exceptional coaching, leadership and mentorship from Coach K that will help him at the next level.

Markelle Fultz SG. 6-4, 180 (Washington) Fr.

*Photo via Twitter

Fultz is big for his position. He can do it all! He’s strong, he can score, has tremendous court vision, he passes well, he can shoot and has good control with the rock. He could easily go out and get you twenty plus on any given night. Fultz should fit in right away at the NBA level. His combination of quickness and strength allow him to get to the basket at ease. His explosive edge puts him in the Russell Westbrook comparison talk. I’m expecting big things for the freshman this season as he suits up with the Huskies.

KEYS TO THE NBA: Continue to work at becoming a complete point guard. Allowing his game to come to him, along while staying under control. Fultz should also continue improving his shot and adjusting to a higher level of competition.

Thomas Bryant C. 6-10, 245 (Indiana) So.

*Photo via the Sentinel

As a freshman at Indiana Bryant played and started in all 35 games. He averaged 11.9 points per game and 5.8 rebounds. Bryant received third team all-Big Ten and was also named to the Big Ten All-Freshman team. Bryant decided to return to Indiana for his sophomore season which could potentially benefit him tremendously depending on the type of season he has. Bryant is strong, he uses his size well. He can shoot it and now added some experience under his belt. I expect a big season for Bryant along with rising his stock in the NBA 2017 Draft.

KEYS TO THE NBA: Continue to master the fundamentals. Live in the gym! Continue to get faster, stronger and quicker for his size. Continue to work on his shot, free throws and develop more offensively inside and out.

Frank Ntilikina PG. 6-5, 180 (Intl)

*Photo via Basket-ballworld

There is always an elite international player who makes it’s way in the top prospects talk. Frank is a star who can flat out play. He has great size for his position, he has a 7’0 wingspan, he plays under control and has a good ball handle to his game. He can pass it, get to the rim, and has a solid midrange game. Frank is a great defender, he’s not afraid to compete with the opposing team's best player on the defensive end. I believe he will continue to develop next year before the 2017 NBA Draft.

KEYS TO THE NBA: Improve his three point shooting ability. Continue to get stronger, faster and quicker at the point. He needs to be more aggressive as an overall player, he can be too unselfish at times. I believe this guy has a lot of potential and I’m interested to see how things will play out for him.

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