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Roundtable: Favorite Move of the NBA Offseason

With the NBA Offseason finally cooling off, we ask our writer, “what was your favorite move this offseason?"

Ziad Aziz

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- After Kevin Durant swiped right and matched with the Golden State Warriors, utter pandemonium ensued, equivalent to that of the Hindenburg in 1937. Fans everywhere, of all NBA teams (besides the Warriors), acted like a throng of acrimonious ex-girlfriends, exclaiming that Durant had “sold-out” to join a bitter adversary. Yet, as the mob of fans were voicing their cries of despair through Twitter and other forms of social media, the Warriors’ front office was busy at work.

The Durant distraction ultimately leads to my favorite and (somewhat) most effective signing this offseason; Center Zaza Pachulia. After the departures of big men Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli, the Warriors were suddenly in need of an everyday Center. Pachulia averaged 8.6 points and 9.4 rebounds a game last season, providing the Dallas Mavericks with a reliable post presence. By nearly averaging a double-double, Pachulia does more than just add to the depth of the Warriors. He solidifies their chances at another record breaking season. Be ready for the ZA-ZA battle chants echoing inside Oracle Arena, because just like winter, they’re coming.

Romana Bholat

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- In an offseason where millions of dollars have changed hands, superstars have joined powerful forces, and big markets *finally* have some relevancy again, it’s easy to forget about all the moves that went down.

The moment that definitely hasn’t slipped my mind has been Al Horford’s decision to sign with the Boston Celtics. The 6’10” power forward signed a four-year, $113 million deal after playing all nine years of his career with the Atlanta Hawks.

This debunks the long-lasting myth that the Celtics can’t land big name free agents (I mean, we can’t all recruit like the Warriors, right?)

Horford seems genuinely excited about playing in Beantown with a young and eager squad that should compete for a top seed in an improved Eastern Conference.

Albert Roman

*Photo via ESPN

- The Golden State Warriors won the Kevin Durant Sweepstakes making it the obvious answer for best offseason move right? Not exactly, as the best offseason move has to go to the San Antonio Spurs signing Pau Gasol to a two-year deal worth $30 million. This is a move that helps the Spurs compete with the Warriors. At the age of 35, he posted an impressive 2016 season averaging 16.5 points, 11 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game and was named an All Star. Gasol is a veteran with a championship pedigree, who will help the Spurs replace Tim Duncan at center. An ideal unselfish player, who will benefit teammates Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge and easily fit in Gregg Popovich’s system.

Matthew Shear

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- Cue Skylar Grey and Diddy because ‘Flash’ is coming home to the Midwest. It didn’t seem that Pat Riley wanted Wade back in South Beach, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We know the perks of living in Miami, but Chicago isn’t that bad. We have great pizza, a Cubs team on the verge of a World Series, and Chance the Rapper. The future is bright! So Dwyane, come to Chicago and mentor Jimmy Butler, come and keep the Bulls in the playoff hunt, come and add a new chapter to your already brilliant legacy. You may not be a #HEATLIFER anymore, but you will be loved in the Windy City. (And let’s hope you can bring some friends next summer.)

Jonathan Ebrahimi

*Photo via the Boston Globe

- Definitely Al Horford signing with the Boston Celtics. Horford is an elite NBA center and improves the Celtics drastically on both ends. His pick-and-roll combination with Isaiah Thomas looks devastating as the Dominican big man can either shoot from the perimeter (he shot 34.4% on threes last season) or roll to the basket and finish at the rim. Horford’s low-post game will also help space the floor for guys like Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley, after a lack of open looks forced the C’s into collectively awful 3-point shooting last year. Defensively, Boston gets a top 20 player in defensive rating, defensive win shares and defensive plus-minus. Adding Horford’s rim protection gives last season’s number 4 defense a real shot at the number 1 spot in 2016/17.

Xavier Sander

*Photo via Getty Images

- As the new generation would say, this NBA offseason was lit! My favorite move of the offseason without question is Kevin Durant going to the Warriors. WOW! My first initial thoughts were what the hell is this guy thinking? You can’t beat them so you join them? Or something is going on within the Thunder’s organization that has influenced him to leave? Guess we will never know. No hard feelings, I respect this brother and understand his motives, he clearly wants to win and the critics can’t do anything but respect that. Adding Durant to the Warriors along with the pieces they currently have is scary. Honestly speaking, these guys should win it all, they are a super team with a lot of offensive firepower. However, the NBA is stacked for next season; I predict a lot of surprises will take place throughout the year.

Chandel Smith

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- My favorite move of the offseason would definitely be the rebuilding of the Knicks. On paper they have a mini version of a superteam, and will need to play together to develop some chemistry so we can see where it goes. It's time for the Carmelo haters to let go of his critiques as he has been loyal thus far and demanded some moves to be made rather than leaving like some other stars have. Without doing the "Knick" thing and selling assets and draft picks, they retained their prized asset in Kristaps Porzingis, kept first round picks and got a free upgrade at point guard. If the Derrick Rose experiment fails I will be early on the hashtag #Westbrook2NY

Hang Jia

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- I would have to say that my favorite move this offeason was Rajon Rondo signing with the Chicago Bulls. This past season with the Sacramento Kings was a huge save for his career. Especially, after his terrible half-season with the Dallas Mavericks. This is a great chance for him to play like the all-star distributer that he is. He will be playing for a team that can be a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference. With him, Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade forming a big three. If the right chemistry is formed, Chicago will be a strong force that can not be neglected. Wade is the kind of player that likes running down the floor and making cuts, and Rondo is the best player in the league in turning those cuts into scoring opportunities.

Joe Keller

*Photo via AP

- My favorite move this summer was the Knicks signing Joakim Noah. I love this move not just from the Knicks standpoint, as it gives them a defensive anchor and some intensity to a roster that desperately needs it. I also like the move from Noah’s personal standpoint. He sees that the Bulls have given up on his friend Derrick Rose, and moved in a different direction, he signs with the Knicks, teaming up with Rose for a fresh start. They both have so much to prove after many injured seasons and failed playoff series. I like the fact that he is trying to finish what they started in Chicago, and the pressure of this being their last chance to win together.

Mohamed Bah

*Photo via Business Insider

- Matthew Dellavedova going to the Milwaukee Bucks was a fantastic move. Dellavedova, who just won his first championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, will be the point guard that the Bucks need.

Dellavedova rose to fame last year during the NBA Finals, assuming control over the point guard role due to Kyrie Irving’s knee injury. In Games 2 and 3, he played with outright guts and furthermore demonstrated that he isn’t afraid of the moment.

This is the thing that makes him extraordinary, his strength and his will. It's almost near impossible to find someone in the league with those capabilities.

Dellavedova could help the Bucks immensely by giving them shooting, hustle plays, and in particular his defense. I believe that he, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jabari Parker could make some serious noise in the Eastern Conference in the years to come.

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