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The Philadelphia 76ers as Pokemon

Ben Simmons - Mewtwo

Ben Simmons translates to the Pokemon Mewtwo because he is the most complete player on the roster. Mewtwo was a legend in the Pokemon series and Simmons has the chance and skills to reach that level. Some called Mewtwo the fifth best Legendary Pokémon and the sixth best Pokémon overall and Simmons can very well be that way in the NBA.

Jahlil Okafor - Electrode

Okafor is electric and plays with energy just like an Electrode, but at times can be volatile and self destructive on and off the court. If Okafor can keep that electricity inside he will be explosive on the court, but if he let his emotions get to him, he will self destruct.

Joel Embiid - Magikarp

Magikarp was one of the most fragile, brittle, and the most unproductive Pokemon in the entire series, which is right where Joel Embiid is at for the moment. Embiid has yet to make any positive impact on the court as he has not played yet. However, when Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, he becomes dynamic, and Embiid can be dynamic if he continues to evolve.

Nerlens Noel - Metapod

Metapod is Pokemon that doesn't have much skill but knows how to defend. Noel knows how to defend but is limited in other aspects. Metapod does change and becomes a great overall Pokemon as time passes and Noel will become a great NBA player.

Nik Stauskas - Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil is a young fiery Pokemon and Nik is the same way on the NBA level. Nik has a lot of heart and can be a great player in the NBA.

Robert Covington - Graveler

Graveler is a rock Pokemon that does all the hard work that never gets noticed and he could be compared to Robert Covington. Covington is a scrappy player that does all the underground dirty work that makes sure the Sixers get second opportunities.

Elton Brand - Alakazam

The old Pokemon Alakazam doesn't have much physical skill but has a great mind, which is where Elton Brand is in his career right now. Brand doesn't play much, but is a great mentor for the younger players.

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*Photo components via USA Today, Getty Images, AG Anime, and Pokemon Wiki

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