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The Los Angeles Lakers as Pokemon

D’Angelo Russell – Pikachu

He’s electric, he can do a little bit of everything. He’s someone that’s loyal to the organization, even amidst criticism. Pikachu is also the most popular Pokemon in the game, and Russell is developing a huge following in L.A.

Luol Deng – Mr. Mime

He has the ability to mimic other Pokemon, just like Luol Deng can mimic multiple positions, playing the 3 and the 4. Deng is also a quiet player, and rarely shows a lot of emotion, always staying cool and collected .

Brandon Ingram – Charmander

He’s someone that you build your team around. You get him as Charmander when he’s young and he eventually evolves into a Charizard (aka a superstar.)

Julius Randle – Magmar

Randle came in with a lot of hype and has managed to sort of blend in as an average player. Magmar can easily hide itself among flames with it’s body coloration. Randle might be headed to hiding among two big flames in Russell and Ingram.

Timofey Mozgov – Kangaskhan

Mozgov is a monster at 7’1”, 275 lbs, but he kind of faded last year with the Cavs. Kangaskhan is not the first huge Pokemon people think of, but he can do some damage.

Larry Nance Jr – Aerodactyl

Nance can fly, so he has to be some sort of flying pokemon. Aerodactyl also is heavy and rough skinned, just like Nance who can get into the post and rebound. Nance is also adding a 3-point shot to his game, which could be the move that is similar to Aerodactyl going for his opponent’s throat with his teeth.

Jordan Clarkson – Primeape

Primeape is an undersized Pokemon, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for with toughness. Clarkson can play the 2-guard position while standing only 6’4”. He plays tenacious defense and like Primeape, he came out very aggressive after being drafted late in the 2nd round.

Nick Young – Meowth

Nick likes to talk, just like Meowth, and most of what comes out of both of their mouths is non-sense. Young seems to care more about the money and fame than working hard on the court. Meowth was on Team Rocket and always wanted to scam people out of money. Much like Meowth’s attacks, Young is becoming a non-factor, shooting under 30 percent last season.

Jose Calderon – Cubone

Cubone is the lonely and small Pokemon. Calderon at 6’3”, and is one of the only veterans on the team. So Calderon might not have a lot of people to hang out with outside of the gym. He’s a 34 year old on a team full of guys in their early 20. Calderon can still do some damage on the court though, just like Cubone attacks his opponents with his bone.

Ivica Zubac – Bellsprout

Bellsprout is carnivorous and has blinding agility despite its skinny body. Zubac needs to add some weight on, but does move very well for a big man. Bellsprouts preferred habitat is warm and humid… sounds a lot like Los Angeles.

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