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The Hawks Need to Start Focusing on Finding a Backup Point Guard

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The Atlanta hawks have made the major free agent move that will define the team and effect it’s fortunes for the next three seasons by signing Dwight Howard last week. Done and done. Now it’s time to get back to the business of getting the team prepared for camp in a few months. The number one position that needs attention at the moment: Point guard. To be precise, the backup point guard position. Dennis Schroder is the Atlanta Hawks floor leader and if his play throughout the playoffs was any indication of how his level of play has grown, then the Hawks should be fine. Who’s his backup? At this very moment it’s hard to say. Here’s a list of the current available free agent point guards the Hawks SHOULD sign. Any one of them can be a huge asset to the Hawks.

1-Jarrett Jack

The former Georgia Tech point guard is recognized by locals, a solid locker room presence by all accounts and still a good player after over a decade in the league. The Hawks don’t need a potential starter, they just need 15-20 minutes of reliable play.

2-Ty Lawson

A standout at the University of North Carolina and a very good player during his early years in Denver. Lawson has had a few off-court issues in the recent past and maybe Atlanta and it’s lively nightlife and celebrity-infused reality tv shows are the place for him. According to recent reports (via Slamonline.com) he has been training in L.A. twice a day so maybe the risk is worth the reward.

3-Raymond Felton

Another former ACC great, Felton has had his ups and downs since leaving North Carolina with a national championship in 2005. A steady player if not spectacular, I’m not sure Felton doesn’t believe he can still be a starter so playing behind a third-year player like Schroder might not work.

4-Mario Chalmers

The two-time NBA champion point guard is battle-tested and would a great addition to a team attempting to get over the postseason hump.

5-Greivis Vasquez

The former Maryland Terrapin (he played in the ACC too before the school made the ridiculous move to the Big 10) has made every team he’s been on better. He only played in 23 games for Milwaukee during the 2015-16 season but prior to that was a huge part of the Toronto Raptor’s resurgence. At 6-6 he could also guard the bigger scoring point guards like Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, Shaun Livingston and Kyrie Irving (who is 6-3 believe it or not).

The best of the rest:

6-Norris Cole

7-Shane Larkin

8.Nate Robinson

9. Isaiah Canaan

10. Seth Curry

Oh wait it’s too late. He just signed with Dallas and is already their best shooter not named Dirk Nowitzki.

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