• Joe Keller

Offseason Preview: Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (35-47)

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The Magic started off well but faded drastically and missed the playoffs once again. With new coach Frank Vogel and a front office that seems ready to win now, Orlando will look to build off its young roster and perhaps try to add some veterans to make a run at the playoffs.

Free Agents: Dewayne Dedmon (RFA) Evan Fournier (RFA) Andrew Nicholson (RFA) Brandon Jennings (UFA) Jason Smith (UFA)

Who Leaves,Who Stays:

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I expect just Evan Fournier to stay out of this group. Vogel will want to bring in new faces of guys he likes, and this group is underwhelming or doesn’t have a big approval from management.

Team Needs:

This team needs wing players. With the trade of Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka the Magic now need a guard who can score, Elfrid Payton is more of a distributor. They also need consistent play from the wing and don’t appear to want to give the slam dunk contest star, Aaron Gordon the position full time.

Possible Targets:

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Lance Stephenson - Familiar with Vogel and only two years removed from being one of the hottest names in free agency. Lance has fallen quite a bit since his time with the Pacers but maybe Vogel can get something out of him for a low price.

Roy Hibbert - Why not bring the Pacer gang back, like Stephenson, Hibbert will come cheap and we know Vogel likes a slow paced defensive team featuring a rim protector.

Dwight Howard - Howard is open to a reunion with his former team, where he enjoyed the best years of his career. The Magic seem to want to win now, signing Howard and trading their young center, Nikola Vucevic would bring back good assets.

Chandler Parson - Parson has already been linked to the Magic and would fill the void at the small forward spot.

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