• Robert Britz

Offseason Preview: Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons (44-38)

*Photo via Getty Images

The Pistons made some major strides last season. Andre Drummond turned into a monster down low, they picked up Tobias Harris at the trade deadline, and they made playoffs for the first time in years. This offseason they will look to add a few pieces that can take them to the next level.

Free Agents


Andre Drummond


Steve Blake

Anthony Tolliver

The Pistons without a doubt will match any offer that comes to Andre Drummond’s fingertips, he is their man. Detroit needs an upgrade in both the back-up point guard and power forward positions. While Anthony Tolliver will likely be re-signed, the same is unlikely for Steve Blake.

So, expect the Pistons to look for another point guard this summer, who can backup Reggie Jackson as well as play alongside of him. Also, don’t be surprised if they make a run at Ryan Anderson. Van Gundy has coached him before, and Anderson would give Drummond plenty of room inside.

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