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Offseason Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers (57-25)

*Photo via Cavsnation

The Cleveland Cavaliers stumbled their way to the best record in the Eastern Conference following a midseason coaching change and an incomplete lineup. Yet, the stars aligned in the playoffs and especially in the finals- with LeBron James bringing the first Championship to Cleveland.

Free Agents


Matthew Dellavedova


LeBron James (Opted out)

Richard Jefferson

James Jones

Timofey Mozgov

J.R. Smith

Although LeBron James has opted out of his contract, this move was strictly financial; LeBron and the Cavs will be on the hunt for another ring next year. With LeBron remaining, expect the Cavs to retain James Jones. J.R. Smith intends to test free agency but it seems only the Cavaliers can find love for him. With his declining role, expect Timofey Mozgov to sign elsewhere to get significant playing time. Also, expect the Cavs to retain Dellavedova with other teams unlikely to outbid the Cavs.

In an ideal world, the Cavaliers will need a more consistently productive starting shooting guard, push J.R. to his best 6th man role. Other than that, the Cavaliers are likely focused on sign role players including a swing scorer off the bench.

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