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Offseason Preview: Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks (48-34)

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Once again the Hawks season was ended by a sweep at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers. A series that saw the Cavs dominate the record books in three point shooting. Although the Hawks had been one of the best defensive teams all year, Atlanta couldn’t match Cleveland’s fire power. They will look to improve their roster to try and take the next step to be a contender and finally beat Cleveland

Free Agents: Mike Muscala (T)(RFA) Kent Bazemore (UFA) Kirk Hinrich (UFA) Kris Humphries (UFA) Al Horford (UFA)

Who Leaves,Who Stays:

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The Hawks have made it clear with their trade of Jeff Teague that they are trying to free up space to sign both Al Horford and Kent Bazemore. With that being Atlanta’s goal, along with getting another star player, the rest of their free agents could be elsewhere.

Team Needs:

The Hawks need another wing player, someone who can get them a bucket when their ball movement/jump shooting offense goes stale.

Possible Targets:

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Kevin Durant- The Hawks are trying to get a meeting with Durant, whether or not that happens, it still proves Atlanta is willing to do whatever it takes to get over the hump.

Dwight Howard- The Atlanta native could be brought in even if Horford re-signs. But look for them to really pursue him if Horford doesn’t re-sign

Nicolas Batum- A wing player who would fit in well with their scheme.

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