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Kristaps Porzingis’ New York Knicks

*Photo via Foxsports

Two words: Kristaps Porzingis. As the 2015-2016 season progressed, it became clear this was no longer Carmelo Anthony’s basketball team. Kristaps Porzingis continuously got better over the course of the season, taking more high-percentage shots, driving to the hole and showing what all New York Knicks fans live for and expect to see out of their players: hustle, grit, and fortitude. Porzingis cares, he wants to win every night and he’s barely of drinking age. This is a good combination.

The Knicks picked up Derrick Rose recently; I was contemplative about this, but Phil said he wanted to add an attacking guard, and that is what D.Rose does best when at full health. This move was not about just getting the 2011 MVP who had his moments last year of looking like the old D.Rose, or the risk about the many surgeries, and despite his PER, (which is a player efficiency rating as created by John Hollinger to give the player’s contributions to their team in one number). Derrick Rose’s PER was 13.52.;Jose Calderon’s was 12.33. LeBron James was 27.64 to give you an idea. D.Rose is essentially replacing Calderon for another $10 plus million in 2017. It’s confusing and heart wrenching, reminiscent of Allan Houston’s salary when he was no longer playing, but hey at least Rose is playing! The purpose of getting Rose was to create opportunities for Porzingis and build around KP. With that being said, dropping serious money on a once-great player who’s been sidelined by injuries on and off for years is a risky bet, but in the town home to the stock market, we like to gamble.

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Back to Porzingis, the moves the Knicks are making with Rose and Carmelo as the two side-pieces around KP leaves room for the acquisition of the 2013-2014 MVP Kevin Durant and/or Joakim Noah. After dishing Robin Lopez in the Rose deal, there have been rumors about acquiring Rose’s former teammate, Joakim Noah. Noah would share many of the qualities Porzingis does: he’s tenacious, plays with as much heart and hustle as anyone in the NBA and plays high-tempo basketball, which our 7’3 Center will certainly be catering his game to under the Hornacek banner. This fast-paced aggressive style of basketball makes Noah a very realistic counterpart. Obviously, Carmelo’s rendezvous with Kevin Durant as of late have not gone unnoticed, but luring in this top-5 star will be a tough feat with Miami, Golden State and other heavyweights in the ring. If Phil Jackson is the oracle/messiah/genius everyone makes him out to be, there is hope in New York basketball, there is rhyme to his reason and the NY Native Noah may not be the only other acquisition the Knicks plan on making this summer to continue to build around the future of the Knicks, KP.

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