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Offseason Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder (55-27)

*Photo via USA Today


The Oklahoma City Thunder had a stellar season last year, until they ran into the Golden State Warriors. The Thunder faced off against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals and were one win away from advancing to the NBA Finals, but could not close the deal, even after being up three games to one. The Warriors ended up advancing to the Finals and the Thunder went home in 7. A tough pill to swallow for OKC.

Free Agents:

Kevin Durant (UFA)

Randy Foye (UFA)

Nazr Mohammed (UFA)

Dion Waiters (RFA)

Who Leaves, Who Stays:

*Photo via Slam Online

Kevin Durant is clearly the biggest free agent in this year’s pot and at the current moment, he has meetings with the Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and of course the Oklahoma City Thunder. Also, don’t rule out the San Antonio Spurs. It’s a shot in the dark to predict his decision, but I think he will leave and go to another team. Which team, that is up for grabs.

Randy Foye and Nazr Mohammed will probably not be back with the team next year. Dion Waiters is a restricted free agent, which means OKC can match whatever offer is given to him. With the addition of Victor Oladipo, it remains uncertain whether the Thunder will keep Waiters for depth or sign and trade him for other pieces.

Team Needs:

*Photo via Clutchpoints

The Thunder need a big man to make up for their loss at power forward (Serge Ibaka) and a consistent back-up point guard.

Possible Targets:

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Some big men the Thunder could go after are Bismack Biyombo, Dwight Howard, or David West. Raymond Felton or Kirk Hinrich would be an ideal target for the Thunder to look into a the back-up point guard spot. They are solid guards with veteran experience. Now this all depends on Durant’s decision, but these are just a few of the players OKC should target.

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