• Kory Waldrom

Jeff Teague and George Hill Traded

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Utah 12th Pick in Draft (Taurean Prince)

Utah Jazz Receive: George Hill

Indiana Pacers Receive: Jeff Teague

Atlanta Hawks:

*Photo via USA Today

The Hawks are in what seems to be full on rebuilding mode. They’ve shipped out veteran point guard Jeff Teague for a lottery pick. As well, it looks as if they’ve moved on from Al Horford. Teague was in the final year of his deal and was set to make 8 mil this season, trading him away insured that they’d get something back. It also moves Dennis Schroder in to the starting point guard role.

Utah Jazz:

*Photo via AP

The Jazz were one of the surprise teams last season and just missed the playoffs. The Jazz core is upcoming with Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert. The only thing lacking has been a point guard, they attempted to bolster that position by acquiring Shelvin Mack. However, now they’ve found a sturdy replacement in George hill . Now he isn’t your prototypical point guard. He plays more of the role of a shooting guard, but he gives you perimeter defense and three point shooting. Something the Jazz lacked much of last year.

Indiana Pacers:

*Photo via AJC

After years and years… and YEARS! The Pacers are getting a true point guard on the court. George Hill has not been bad, but he wasn’t great. With the acquisition of Teague the Pacers now get a primary ball handler at the point guard position, who can shoot, dish and penetrate the paint with his quickness. The Pacers wanted to run this past year and it didn’t happen to Larry Bird’s disliking (a la the departure of Frank Vogel). This year the Pacers are gearing up to run and Teague is just the player to do that with. Welcome home to Indy, Teague.

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