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Scouting Reports on the Top 3 Prospects in the NBA Draft

Draft day has to be one of the best days of these future professional athletes lives. It’s filled with joy, excitement, anxiety and happiness. The feeling of knowing that your dreams & goals have now become a reality is unexplainable. All of the hard work dedication, pain, blood sweat & tears were worth the wait. Those struggles can now be used as fuel to help you reach your fullest potential as a pro. The Top 3 prospects in the 2016 NBA draft -----

Ben Simmons-

*Photo via Getty Images

6-10 SF/PF, 240

College- LSU

Class- Fresh

2015-16 Stats- PPG- 19.2 RPG- 11.8 APG- 4.8

Strengths: Simmons can flat out play, as a freshman he averaged 19 points per game. He’s athletic, strong and already has the NBA size. He gets up & down the floor well and is an outstanding rebounder. Simmons is very confident with the ball in his hands. He gets to the basket at ease and he’s solid at creating his own shots. He has a great mid-range game, he often uses the pull-up jump shot which makes it a long night for any defender once he’s in rhythm. He also finishes well at the basket & plays above the rim.

Weakness: Decision-making! He also needs to improve his shooting and move more without the basketball.

My Opinion: It’s hard to critique Simmons game so early because what he did as a freshman was outstanding! He has so much more to offer to the game it’s scary! The mistakes this early can be fixed in due time. The kid is something special. The NBA will be pleased!

Brandon Ingram-

*Photo via Getty Images

6-9 SF, 195

College- Duke

Class- Fresh

2015-16 Stats- PPG- 17.3 – RPG- 6.8 APG- 2.0

Strengths: Ingram is something special! 7’3 wingspan, plays on both ends of the court. For his size he’s tough, physical and gets up and down the court well. He has a solid shot. Can step outside and knock down the three. He’s coachable and looks to understand the game. Also a good ball handler for his size, and has the potential to play a couple different positions at the NBA level.

Weakness: More consistent on the defensive end. Physical strength, improving his shot, sometimes he shoots flat. Maturity will be the key for Ingram. He will be around for a while at the next level.

My-Opinion: Ingram is the right package deal for whichever NBA team drafts him. Again he’s coachable, still very young and has a lot of potential to be versatile at the next level. He’s one of those guys that could cause a lot of problems for opposing teams because he has the potential to do so many different things. It will be interesting to see him play next season!

Buddy Hield-

*Photo via Getty Images

6-5 SG, 215

College- Oklahoma

Class- Senior

2015-16-Stats -PPG- 25.0 – RPG- 5.7 – APG- 2.0

Strengths: Premier scorer! Outstanding shooter! Quick release on his shot! He’s tough and very competitive. Buddy understands the game. He has the will to win. He’s a team player and works well at getting his teammates involved. Hield is solid with moving without the ball. He has leadership potential, which will help, a lot at the next level!

Weakness: Buddy is not the most athletic player; he will need to become more explosive at the NBA level getting to the basket. He could use better-shot selection in crunch time as well. He also will need to do a better job getting around screens at the NBA level.

My-Opinion: Four years of college was the right move for Hield. He progressed tremendously in which made him an overall better player/leader. He understands the game and will fit right in from day one on whichever NBA team that drafts him. I believe he has the potential to do big things in the NBA under the right system. The NBA will enjoy Mr. Hield!

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