• Marc Cantave

Is This Series Over?

The Golden State Warriors took a commanding 2-0 lead last night after pummeling the Cleveland Cavaliers, 110-77. For those of you that may not be good at math, that's a 33 point annihilation. This means that over the course of the first two games the Cavaliers have lost by a grand total of 48 points. The Cavaliers looked tired and defeated by halftime and are now two games away from elimination. They will be looking for revenge when they head home on Wednesday night for Game 3, but is it too late. Is this series over?

Now returning to home can be a huge plus for the Cavs as they will have the next two games at their arena and the series is still young, but here are a few reasons why this series is over.

Kyrie Irving is not playing well

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Kyrie Irving is the second scoring option on this team, but hasn't looked like it thus far. Kyrie Irving scored 26 points in Game 1, but only 10 points last night. For the two games combined, Irving is shooting 12 for 36 (which is a dismal 33 percent from the field). He has disappeared during these first two games and will need to make amends in order for the Cavs to win one of these two home games. Irving (like most of the Cavs) plays better at home, but he's going to have to step his game up because he has looked awful so far and if he keeps up that level of play, the Cavs won't win this series.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have been average

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Possibly the scariest part of the two blowouts is that Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have yet to go off in the finals. They have a combined 55 points throughout the first two games, including just 20 in the first. Stephen Curry played just 25 minutes last night and should be well rested for Game 3 on Wednesday. Klay Thompson and Curry are not going to be quiet during these finals and when they explode, the Warriors almost always win. If the Cavs can keep the "Splash Brothers" quiet, then they may have a chance, but if Steph or Klay go off in any of these next two games, the series will be over soon.

Warriors defense has returned to championship form

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The Warriors defense has been questionable during this playoff run, but they have returned to championship form in these finals. Regardless of whether the Cavs are at home or on the road, they are going to have to figure out this defense in order to win. Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green has done a great job of containing LeBron and the team has done a great job of locking down Cleveland's role players, which leads to my final point.

The Cavaliers role players have not to stepped up

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JR Smith is the starting shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is known for his streaky shooting and has been instant offense in the past, but has disappeared completely in the NBA Finals. During the first two games, Smith has attempted nine shots and has a total of eight points. The rest of the Cavs role players haven't been much better. Channing Frye only has 2 points, Richard Jefferson has 15, Tristan Thompson has 18, and Iman Shumpert has 6 all in the first two games. That's not going to get it done against a team that has the best bench in the NBA. Shaun Livingston and Leandro Barbosa have more points combined in the first two games than most of the Cavs role players. The only way the Cavs can win is if their bench steps up.

We are still early in these finals, but it's looking like the Cavs will lose, and LeBron James will fall to 2-5 in the NBA Finals. They still have two home games to try and figure it out, but they are in grave danger. Game 3 is on Wednesday and we will see how they will respond.

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