• Joe Keller

NBA Finals Matchup: LeBron James vs. Harrison Barnes

*Photo via Getty Images

LeBron James, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers

2016 Postseason Stats: 24.6ppg 8.6rpg 7apg fg: 54.6% 3ptfg: 32.2% 2.2stl 0.8blk 3.1topg

Strengths: The future Hall of Famer is still one of the all-around best players in the NBA. He has all the tools, size, speed, and the ability to pass better than any forward in NBA history. He also has experience on his side, playing in his sixth straight NBA Finals.

Weaknesses: If LeBron has one weakness it is his ability to shoot the three ball. He has struggled with his shot all year, but has improved a bit in the playoffs. He may also be too unselfish at times, but that’s a nice problem to have with one of the greatest players in the world.

*Photo via Getty Images

Harrison Barnes, SF, Golden State Warriors

2016 Postseason Stats: 8.9ppg 4.8rpg 1.2apg fg: 40% 3ptfg: 36.2% 0.7stl 0.1blk 0.8topg

Strengths: Solid, athletic, role player who can get hot from time to time. He is another long forward that has the ability to knock down threes and guard multiple positions on the defensive end.

Weaknesses: Barnes can be inconsistent at times, and has stretches where you forget he is even on the court. This partially because of the amount of talent around him, but it's also partially because of Barnes lack of aggressiveness.

Advantage: No disrespect to Barnes, but it is LeBron by a landslide. LeBron is a four time MVP and two time finals MVP who is still arguably the best player in the league. Barnes may not be a factor in this series with Andre Iguodala taking a lot of his minutes to guard LeBron.

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