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  • Vinnie Rullo

How "ALL In" and Eric Thomas Have Impacted the Cavs and the Rest of the World

During the 2016 NBA Playoffs, we have seen the Cleveland Cavaliers players and fans wear a shirt that says “ALL IN.” A lot of people are asking what does “All in” mean, and how has it impacted the Cavs and their fans. “ALL IN” was developed by motivational speaker Eric Thomas “ET” aka the Hip Hop Preacher.

ET developed the mentality that you have to go “ALL IN” which means you have to give it everything you got and challenge yourself each and every day to push yourself to get to where you need to be. Any dream is possible if you have the “ALL IN” mentality, you just have to make the commitment and sacrifices in order to achieve your goals in life.

ET has inspired millions of people throughout the world with his “ALL IN” mentality, along with many of his other motivational speeches and sayings. One of my favorites is “When you wanna succeed as bad as you wanna breathe, then you’ll be successful, which means you have to want to achieve your goals more than you wanna actually physically breathe.

He uses his story in life as a way to motivate others…he was homeless and ate out of trash cans and now he is the #1 motivational speaker in the world. Each day he’s always traveling all over the world to motivate people at schools, colleges, corporate businesses, and more. ET also has weekly “TGIM” video’s which means Thank God its Monday to motivate people early in the week.

You can use any of ET’s mentalities to help you with anything in life. He will motivate you while playing sports, during workouts, studying,

relationships, marriage, your business, struggle, etc. I used to struggle in college, as soon as I started watching ET in 2014, no one was going to out work me, and I was going to do whatever it took to just get it done. I am proud to say I graduated thanks to ET. ET is the only thing I listen to when I work out and nothing has inspired me more than him. There’s tons of ways you can listen to him, YouTube videos, podcasts, his books, or go to his actual events. I still listen to him each and every day as a constant reminder to keep grinding.

In 2015, ET appeared on the big screen of the Quicken Loans Arena during the intros of Game 1 of the NBA Finals telling players of the Cavs and fans to go “ALL IN”.

I recommend watching ET, he will help you improve in life and help you achieve your goals. ET recently gave a motivational speech to upcoming Olympic athletes explaining the importance of going “ALL IN” for the next 100 days before the Olympic Games begin. He will also be appearing as a voice over for a Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial during the Olympics this summer -

Look for him to help motivate the Cavs during the playoffs in 2016....He’s also scheduled to appear in Cleveland for an event June 5th….time to go “ALL IN” guys!

Check Out ET here at any of the following…. Instagram: ethehiphoppreacher

Facebook: YouTube: Shop

Info and photos courtesy, Youtube,

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