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8 Thoughts From Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs

Injuries Suck

*Photo via USA Today

During the first round of the playoffs, we saw three of the top players in the NBA go down with injuries; Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin. In the case of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, it cost their team the series and a potential shot at the NBA Finals. The Warriors and Curry were still able to handle their first round series, but going forward it could hamper them against tougher competition. So now, what was supposed to be a super exciting second round out West, might only be half as good.

Paul George is back

*Photo via USA Today

Yeah the Pacers lost the series in seven to the Raptors, but that had nothing to do with the play of Paul George. PG13 was huge on both ends of the floor. He averaged 27 points a game while putting the clamps on DeMar DeRozan. Its safe to say George has his name back in the conversation as as a top 10 NBA player, and maybe even top 5.

The Celtics need help

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The loss of Avery Bradley really hurt the Celtics, but even before that the Celtics were outmatched talent wise. And I’m not saying Boston doesn't have good players, but they don’t have great players. They need a go-to scorer for late game situations and a consistent presence in the paint. Both things they should and could acquire in the offseason with their cap space and plethora of draft picks.

Shoutout to the Blazers

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I will be the first to admit I was completely wrong about the Blazers, I thought they were a sure bet to be at the bottom of the standings. A lot credit to Terry Stotts and his staff, as well as the players.The Blazers had a lot of guys step up, specifically C.J. McCollum , who won Most Improved Player this season.

The King still owns the East

*Photo via USA Today

After watching the first round of the playoffs, it looks like we will see LeBron James represent the East in Finals yet again. The Cavs quietly swept the Detroit Pistons, while the rest of the East was super inconsistent. As well, both of LeBron’s sidekicks played really well, specifically Kyrie Irving, who currently is averaging the most points per game this postseason.

Westbrook and Durant need help

*Photo via USA Today

The only way OKC advances to the Western Conference Finals is if someone other than Westbrook and Durant step up. The way the Thunder played against Dallas in the first round will not fly against the Spurs. So Billy Donovan, Westbrook and Durant need to find a way to get others in a position to succeed, if they even want to have a chance against the Spurs.

Time for changes in Houston

*Photo via Houston Chronicles

The Rockets were a huge disappointment this year, going from playing in the Western Conference Finals last season to getting knocked in five games by the Steph-less Warriors. This team needs major changes. They need someone to come in and change the mentality of this organization, no more bullshit, no more half-ass effort, and no more lackadaisical defense.

Rookies playing big minutes

*Photo via CBS

During this postseason we have seen some young guns play some big minutes. Guys like Myles Turner, Norman Powell, Justin Anderson, Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, Frank Kaminsky, were heavily relied upon in the first round. Not only did these guys see good minutes, they saw minutes in the crunch time. Personally, I think it says a lot about a rook if the coach is willing play him crucial minutes in the postseason.

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