• Robert Britz

The Not-So-Golden Path

*Photo via Hyperbeast

Without Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors remain the better team in their series with the Houston Rockets. Following Curry’s freak accident, which will keep him sidelined at least two weeks, the Warriors routed an uninspired Rockets team to put them within a game of clinching the series.

The Warriors will do exactly that in their Wednesday night matchup in Oakland. There is no better nor easier way to state this, Golden State is a great team and Houston is marginal, at best.

Golden State will only continue their unparalleled form because that’s the only way they know how to play. In Curry’s absence, Klay Thompson will resume the focal point in offensive possessions but expect Draymond Green to make the most impact (as he is so comfortable doing). With Curry out, Green will presume much of the ball handing and decision making on the court due to his keen floor vision.

*Photo via Bay Area News Group

Like we saw in Game 3, Shaun Livingston will likely start in place of the injured Curry. His contribution is vital, especially in the beginning of any respective games the Warriors will play without their star.

In Game 3, Livingston attacked the paint to create opportunities for his teammates. This is essential to keep Golden States’ offensive machine moving. Without Curry drawing out defenders, this team needs another way to create inside and outside offense. Expect to see a lot of attacking early, whether that is from Livingston, Thompson, or Andre Iguodala, in order to create space for their three point shots later in games.

Especially in Game 5 with the Rockets, expect to see an ultra-inspired Warriors team ready to prove their might and depth without Steph Curry. If Houston decides they want to show up to challenge this somewhat-vulnerable team than this game, and potential the series, could be more interesting.

Remember, the Warriors have one goal: a Championship. Do not expect them to slump their performance to a marginal Rockets team. Especially when Blake Griffin and Chris Paul just went down with season ending injuries, conjuring a disappointing fate for the Clippers and, frankly, for the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors will see this and look to impose their will on Houston and wrap up the series Wednesday night. With a 2-2 Blazers-Clippers series, the path for the Warriors couldn’t be better considering their circumstance.

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