• Romana Bholat

The Celtics Playoff Picture

*Photo via CSSNE

The 2015/2016 Boston Celtics are a fiery bunch that has made their mark in a newly competitive Eastern Conference. Following their surge last year into the postseason, the C’s look to solidify their stance in the East with home court advantage.

The seeding from three to eight in the East is completely up in the air; teams are swapping spots daily as they compete for a shot to dethrone King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although the Celtics lack a true superstar, their cohesiveness and tenacity make for a team that should be feared when the playoffs come around.

The Celtics currently hold a 29-19 record against the rest of the East and a solid home record at TD Garden, including a 14 game winning streak. Led by All-Star Isaiah Thomas, the C’s have been a surprise team all season that competes night in and night out.

Unlike years past, the East should have some competitive series’ this postseason. But, health plays a major factor for every team just as much as matchups do. The C’s have had their share of banged up players, but they will need their full arsenal to go into battle as the regular season winds down.

*Photo via USA Today

It’s a major luxury that the Celtics will make the playoffs and still likely have a high lottery pick stemming from the Brooklyn Nets trade three years prior. It isn’t too often that a team can look forward to both the postseason and the lottery at the same time, but GM Danny Ainge and head coach Brad Stevens have brought together a fiercely competitive bunch that simply won’t back down.

As a fan, I’m surprised by how much the Celtics have succeeded thus far this season. I had moderate expectations of them that were quickly exceeded by the entire team. And although it may seem that the Cavs have the East all but locked up, I think the gritty Celtics strike fear within many teams.

The Celtics potential success in the postseason could be pivotal in luring free agents this offseason. They have the chemistry and the right pieces, but the C’s could definitely use a prolific scorer and big-time player. I mean, I can’t be the only one that thinks Kevin Durant looks great in green, right?

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