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NBA Tank-O Meter: The Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings

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Tank-O-Meter – 5/5 - Blow this team up!

While not at the exact bottom of the standings, the Sacramento Kings have one of the most fascinating situations for any other bad team in the league. They have a terrible foreign businessman who doesn’t much about basketball owner, a team of cast offs and failed draft picks, a coach whose coaching style may be irrelevant in today's game, a crazy man by the name of Rajon Rondo AND the best player at his position in the NBA with top 7 talent and a mercurial temper. While this may seem to be a handpicked bunch for a terrible reality show on NBA TV, this is actually the 2015-2016 Sacramento Kings. Despite being one of the most dysfunctional teams in the association, they are a team they is probably coming to the biggest crossroads of any. They need to make a decision on what to do with Demarcus Cousins, the team’s best player in a decade who fits there just as well as Charles Barkley would in a size 32 waist pair of jeans. The Kings have tried many options to build around Cousins and appease him, but gunners like Rudy Gay and Ben Mclemore have not cut it. In my opinion the team needs to find the best possible package and trade the big man in a realization that it is not working.

Potential trade partners will be pretty much every team around. Cousins right now is like the hot girl on your floor freshman year of college who still dates her high school boyfriend. You know there is no future, and things aren’t going well so every guy or in this case team is secretly waiting for them to split and to clean up the pieces. When deciding who Demarcus will be traded to the Kings, due to their terrible draft record of the last 7 years should look for a few blue chip players rather than just picks. Doing this can avoid them drafting another Jimmer Fredette or Derrick Williams. In addition to the trade, the Kings should put ZERO effort in the home stretch of the season in hoped of getting a better draft pick. While they seem to have a real magnet for busts, they did draft Cousins. Can lightning strike twice?

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