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NBA Tank-O Meter: The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets

*Photo via USA Today

Tank-O-Meter -0/5 - No Pick No Mercy

This season thousands upon thousands of words have been written about how bad a situation the Nets are in. If you are even a casual NBA fan you already know of their plight so I really do not need to expand on that much. This situation with very few assets and no 1st round pick gives the Nets all the motivation in the world to keep playing hard until game number 82. The opportunity to ruin conference rival Boston’s hopes and dreams of the No.1 overall pick won’t be as sweet as it was theirs, but still is worth something. The main thing the Nets need to do is play whoever on the team they think has potential. Guys like Shane Larkin ,Chris McCullough and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson should be getting all the burn they can so the Nets can have some idea of what they have going into the 16-17 campaign. Best case scenario is one of the younger players shows enough to bring slight optimism for the coming years. The Nets have ZERO picks in this summer’s draft so taking a shot at a talented player who happened to go undrafted may be a decent idea. Buy low candidates and smart free agent signings are the way this teams will have to add talent for the next few years.

*A special shootout for both Brook Lopez and Thad Young who despite taking the L night in and out still have came to play all year for the Nets and keeping them out of absolute last.

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