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NBA Tank-O Meter: Philadelphia 76ers

One might think that the best action of the last few weeks of the NBA season is between top teams battling it out for seeding or others trying to make the playoffs all together. While they are probably right, a great battle is happening in the basement of each conference. Teams making the tough decision on how to make it look like they are still trying for their fans while simultaneously trying to lose as many games to better their chances of getting the Powerball tickets of the NBA - a high first round draft pick. In celebration of this race to the bottom I shall be ranking teams with the patented Off the Glass Tank-O-Meter, and giving my take on what is wrong with these basement dwellers and how they should look to fix it.

The Philadelphia 76ers

*Photo via CBS

Tank-0-Meter – 4.5/5 - Draft a Guard

The Sixers have painted themselves into an interesting corner in the last few years with the tank-centric moves they have made. While the idea of becoming the worst team in the NBA in hopes of drafting young future All-Stars with the picks is already questionable. Following this decision by drafting 3 guys who play the same position, one who hasn’t stepped foot on an NBA court yet (Joel Embiid), another whose game may be one that would be more successful 25 years ago and may struggle in the new NBA (Jahlil Okafor) and a guy whose ceiling may just be a good role player (Nerlens Noel) adds insult to injury. This is enough to shatter the heart of Philly fans like the face of that guy who Okafor beat up in that video. What the team is left with is a gaggle of fringe NBA talent and guys you have never heard of forming one of the worst rosters the league has seen in some time. Fortunately there goal of obtaining yet another high draft pick is well within due to the 9 wins they currently have. Any ideas of trying to win should be stomped as they would hate to win away the coveted no.1 lottery spot. Wherever they end up however, they NEED to select the top perimeter player available as any more big men may cause a revolt in the city of brotherly love.

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