• Parth Goradia

NBA Games of the Week (March 7 – March 13)

Los Angeles Clippers @ Dallas Mavericks

The first DeAndre Jordan trip back to Dallas was a nationally televised game on ESPN so you couldn’t quite get the full gist of the backlash post summertime emoji drama. Well lucky for you, this one is on league pass, so hopefully that means you’ll watch the parade of boos during pregame introductions.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Los Angeles Lakers

Okay, let’s be honest, Cleveland is probably winning this game running away. But this will mark the end of Kobe vs. LeBron. It’s a shame these two never faced off in the NBA Finals. Kobe has been dealing with shoulder soreness, but it’s hard to imagine him missing this one.

Portland Trail Blazers @ Golden State Warriors

Remember when Dame put up 51 against the Dubs in dominating fashion? With this entire Dame vs. Steph comparison/drama people in the media have been drawing up, this individual matchup is one you do not want to miss.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ San Antonio Spurs

In addition to being a potential playoff matchup, this game features the marquee individual matchup with Durant vs. Leonard. You have the unstoppable force, Durant, against the immovable object, Leonard. This is going to be really good.

Utah Jazz @ Sacramento Kings

Race for 8th in the Western Conference continues to heat up with matchups every week that will be crucial in playoff position. Both are looking up at the Rockets with 20ish games left in the season, and they both need a win here.

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