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Roundtable: Most Hated Player

We all have those athletes we can’t stand. Whether it’s because of their play, their off the court transgressions or simply because they’re ugly; yes, we are a shallow breed. With that in mind, we decided to ask our contributors:

Who in the NBA deserves a big fuck you?

Romana Bholat (@Ro_ma_na) - It’s strange to absolutely despise someone that you’ve only seen through a TV screen; someone that you know very little about but would rather not know at all. For me, even seeing a glimpse of Chicago Bulls center, Joakim Noah, irks my soul to the core.

The NBA’s resident hobo look-alike has been pissing me off in every way since I unfortunately laid eyes on him and his unkempt hair back in ’07. Noah talks a big game but he really isn’t as great as his massive ego would lead others to believe.

Here’s a guy who barges around the court acting like he’s the greatest thing ever, but he has yet to win in the NBA. He hasn’t even come close to hoisting the Larry O’Brien, but his obnoxious actions would suggest otherwise.

Between his brutish ways, incessant yelling, and cringe-worthy looks, I find myself totally and completely repulsed at the sight (and sound) of this guy.

Honestly, it seems as if Noah’s skills are declining as his career progresses. That’s a pretty ironic twist for a guy who is so full of himself. But his shooting form has stayed consistent though; it’s almost as awful as his physical appearance. Almost.

Chris Stewart (@ChrisStewart51) - As a fan of an NBA basketball team, losing to a particular team -- time and time again -- gets my blood boiling. Especially, in the playoffs. To make matters worse, the celebrating, smiling, and dirty play of certain players can piss me off. Although the San Antonio Spurs are known as a class organization, it doesn’t mean that their players have always played with class. In fact, Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry are at the top of my “Most Hated Players” list -- but since they’re both retired -- I can’t officially crown one of them as My Most Hated Player.

Horry shoved Steve Nash into the scorers’ table toward the end of game 4 of the 2007 playoffs (oh…by the way, the Suns had the game won), which led to the suspensions of Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw (two of the Suns best players) in game 5. They’d jumped from the bench, in the heat of the battle; breaking a minor league rule technicality, but then immediately returned once they’d realized it. Their actions were harmless, but nevertheless good ole NBA Commissioner David Stern suspended the two guys for the next game. Needless to say, the Spurs won that game (against a shorthanded Suns roster) and eventually the series. Nice move Horry!

When I look at today’s Spurs roster -- and think back to what the Phoenix Suns had to endure over the years because of this organization -- it angers me! There was a purposeful kick to Amare Stoudemire’s Achilles by Bruce Bowen (in a playoff game), and a knee to Amare’s crotch by Manu Ginobili (in a regular season game) in 2007. Stoudemire confirmed both of these moves to be on purpose after watching video. Leandro Barbosa suffered a sprained MCL around that same time, when Manu Ginobili flailed into the side of his knee and caused it to bend inwardly. Ginobili’s constant flailing, falling down, and flopping is the most disgusting act known to the game of NBA basketball. Steve Nash’s eye was busted open in the 2010 playoffs, due to the flailing arms of Tim Duncan. So…while I hate all of these players. I crown Manu Ginobili as my Most Hated Player. To this day, he smiles in your face (just like Tony Parker) as he beats you up on the court. Ginobili is a cheap-punk, and someone I hope never gets into the Hall.

Mike Ricci (@MikeRicci5) - I’ll admit, as I’ve grown older I’ve grown soft. I don’t really hate any professional athletes anymore. Sure, there are some I enjoy watching lose because the narrative is always more interesting when they do (Peyton Manning and Lebron James). But then I thought about it more—and there is an NBA player I still hate on and I don’t feel one iota of guilt for it. Sure, Rajon Rondo is incredible at times, but by and large, I wouldn’t feel too awful if someone threw him into the third row.

Admittedly, it started during the epic Bulls-Celtics in 2009. The entire series, the Bulls seemed on the precipice of knocking off the defending champs. Then game 6 rolled around and Rondo gave me a reason when he threw Kirk Hinrich into the scorers table and not only didn’t get suspended for game 7 (he should’ve) but didn’t even get ejected from game 6.

So it’s because of dirty shit like this that I didn’t feel too bad watching Rondo waste away in Boston sans KG, Ray, and Paul Pierce. And I certainly didn’t feel guilty watching him implode a Dallas team last season before being effectively kicked off the team. Problem is, now he’s on a Sacramento team I enjoy watching and helping lead them to a possible playoff spot. As much as I dislike Rondo, the prospect of him being torched by Steph Curry in the first round is enticing. However, there is always the possibility he throws Curry into the scorers table in a moment of frustration. At least then, I know it would give anyone who was on the fence about Rondo reason to join me in pure, unadulterated hate. Fuck Rajon Rondo

Kory Waldron (@KoryWaldron) - Now first let me say this, when I say I hate someone I don’t truly hate them as a person. I hate them as the player they are and in this instance, should’ve been. Now that I have established that, Roy Hibbert, I hate you! Being a big time Pacer fan, I spent the last few years watching Hibbert develop into a defensive anchor with offensive promise. WHELP! That lasted all of two seasons and half of the 2013-2014 season until Hibbert became a mockery to big-men around the league.

Let me elaborate on why, Hibbert is 7’3; he’s pretty tall. However, since the

dreadful second half of 2013-2014, the two-time All-Star plays like a prepubescent boy. For whatever reason, speculated rumors of his now wife cheating on him with Paul George, to Lance Stephenson teasing him and “stealing his rebounds,” Hibbert flat out sucks, He’s had numerous games in the last three seasons where he has recorded no points and or less than five rebounds. That simply is embarrassing, and his field goal percentage has now dipped from it’s peak of 49 percent four years ago to a horrid 43 percent.

There’s no reason a big man should ever shoot under 50 percent, especially when you can touch the rim by standing on your tippy toes. Let’s not forget either that this season thus far with the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s only grabbing five rebounds per game, yeah five. Don’t get me wrong Hibbert “works hard,” he’s spent the last three or four offseason working with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; what they work on is beyond me. Either way keep up the good work Hibbert, you and the 10-41 Lakers are a match made in heaven.

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