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Are the Clippers Quietly Finding a Rhythm?

*Photo via USA Today

The Los Angeles Clippers won their sixth straight game Monday night as they annihilated the Philadelphia 76ers 130-99. They have won seven out of their last ten games and currently sit fourth in the Western Conference. Blake Griffin has been out the past five games with a torn left quadriceps, but that hasn’t seemed to slow them down. During their last five games, the Clippers have shot 50.1 percent from the field and seem to be clicking offensively. Are the Clippers quietly finding their rhythm?

The Clippers are one of the favorites in the West, but they haven’t looked that way to start the season. New additions, Lance Stephenson, Paul Pierce, and Josh Smith, have been unproductive so far, and the team has looked dysfunctional at times. However, they are slowly starting to figure things out and it has started with their recent winning streak.

The Clippers have made their mark offensively during this winning streak. Clippers’ shooting guard, JJ Redick, is shooting 57.6 percent and has connected on 19 of 29 three pointers. Redick is also averaging 20.0 points in the last five games, according to

Redick has been a great knock down shooter this season, but his recent play has elevated. Chris Paul is averaging 17.0 points, but is shooting 35.1 percent shooting during the last five games. He is averaging 11 assists though, and is getting everyone involved. You can expect his field goal percentage to increase with time.

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DeAndre Jordan has five double-doubles during the Clippers winning streak as he’s averaging 15 points and 14.4 boards. He is, once again, leading the NBA in field goal percentage.

The Clippers have responded well to the absence of Blake Griffin and expect this team to only get better once he comes back.

The Clippers are fourth in the Western Conference and have a great chance to get home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. They have fallen as one of the favorites in the West, but they are still a team to be reckoned with and a team that no one wants to face in the first round. If Doc Rivers can get consistent production out of Smith, Pierce, and Stephenson, the Clippers will not only continue to find their rhythm, but they may finally make the Western Conference Finals.

This is just the beginning for the Clippers as they are finally getting it together and expect them to make some noise.

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