Concerns in Cleveland?
  • Kory Waldron

Concerns in Cleveland?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are sitting on top of the Eastern Conference at 23-9. And for the first time since the first round of last years playoffs the Cavaliers are healthy. Kyrie Irving has returned and is now looking to be in full swing of things. However, there’s an underlying concern in Cleveland. It’s not Kevin Loves role in the offense, it’s not Irving's health. It’s LeBron's James horrid jump shooting this season. An issue for James throughout his career has been his ability to shoot the basketball. Now it had seemed he figured it out when he went down to South Beach. In four seasons with Miami, LeBron shot above 50 percent from the field and over 35 percent from three in three of those years.

Since coming back home to Cleveland, it seems that LeBron may have left an aspect of his game back with the number six jersey. Last year we saw a slight drop in his shooting, while this year we’ve seen it drop even further. While LeBron is still shooting 49 percent from the field, most of his offensive scoring is being done within five feet from the basket. The farther LeBron steps out, the more horrid the numbers become. Outside of ten feet LeBron is shooting under 40 percent, while outside of 20 feet he’s shooting under 35 percent, leading to his 27 percent three point field goal percentage. Now with it being just January and with this Cavs roster getting healthy finally; we may see his style of game change as the spacing on the court begins to take a new shape with Irving back.

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Either way LeBron's shooting may not be a major minus in this current part of the season. As time progresses and we draw closer to playoff time, if LeBron continues to be a liability shooting. The Cavs will find themselves struggling to return to the Finals, yet alone win the title.

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