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Should the Philadelphia 76ers Make a Run at DeMar DeRozan?

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The Philadelphia 76ers (6-38) have the worst record in the NBA and their season has virtually been over since the start of the new year as they are looking towards the NBA Draft and free agency. With the Sixers most likely to get a top five draft pick, the free agency period is really where they could make their mark.

DeMar DeRozan, shooting guard, is set to be a free agent and will be targeted by many teams, including his current team the Toronto Raptors. The Philadelphia 76ers are in need of a shooting guard (among other things) and DeRozan is one of the best available. Should the 76ers make a run at him? Here are a few reasons why they should.

The Philadelphia 76ers have the cap space to offer the max

The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the few teams that has the cap space to offer the max to DeRozan. While most of the other teams will be looking to aim their money at Kevin Durant, the Sixers can come away with a steal by trying to lure away DeRozan from Toronto. Money is always a factor with NBA players and the 76ers definitely have the money to spare.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a great team to offer DeRozan

Believe it or not, the Philadelphia 76ers may have a better team (going forward) to offer DeRozan than the Raptors. With the 76ers potentially getting Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram (two outstanding college basketball standouts) to go along with a young great core of Ish Smith, Jahlil Okafor, and Nerlens Noel, they have a bright future that can entice DeMar DeRozan to come on board.

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The Raptors have a terrific point guard in Kyle Lowry and great players in Demarre Carroll and Jonas Valanciunas, but DeRozan has a chance to form a dynamic duo with one of the NBA’s up and coming centers, Jahlil Okafor.

The Sixers should definitely make a run at DeMar DeRozan especially early in the free agency period. With much of the attention going to Kevin Durant, the Sixers can definitely come in early with a great offer. Now DeRozan has stated that he would like to re-sign with the Raptors, but things can change in the offseason and the Sixers can make an enticing presentation.

What do you think? Should the Sixers make a run at DeMar DeRozan?

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