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NBA Games of the Week (Jan 11 – Jan 17)

Would you rather have good pizza, or more pizza? Well, this week I chose good pizza because I unfortunately couldn’t find a sixth game which included different teams that I wanted to watch. So with that being said, enjoy a special 5-game edition of OTG’s Games of the Week.

Washington Wizards @ Chicago Bulls

John Wall has been on a tear. I just want to apologize to him because we did him wrong by not including him in our top point guard list on OTG’s Rankings page. And are we sure Jimmy Butler isn’t the best shooting guard? Sure he’s not Harden offensively, but he’s at least in the same city. Harden isn’t even in the same country as Butler when it comes to defense. OTG Rankings are on the line in this Monday night clash…oh and this will also be a close game!

Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks

Man there is something so classic about this matchup that I felt that I’d upset some otherworldly basketball force if I didn’t include it. Brad Stevens is not only a top NBA coach, but a quality human being from all media accounts. I hope the Celtics are able to surround him with legitimate talent moving forward. The Knicks go on these winning and losing streaks which drive the New York faithful from, “NBA Champions 2016” to “Fire that rotten Fisher.” I love Knicks fans.

Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are trending in the right direction while Miami has cooled as of late. Hopefully Blake Griffin is back because this game is loaded with really fun individual matchups, particularly in the frontcourt. Bosh vs. Griffin and Whiteside vs. Jordan and Doc.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ San Antonio Spurs

Just Watch:

Golden State Warriors @ Detroit Pistons

Last time the Dubs faced the Pistons, they won with a run in the fourth quarter. Detroit played Golden State pretty well and KCP played the MVP tight. With the return of Brandon Jennings to the Pistons bench, the Motor City might have enough horsepower to keep it close throughout.

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