• Robert Britz

The Draymond Green Effect

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On a team that’s aligned with the sun and studded with stars of it’s very own, its hard to stand out, especially when one of those stars it quite possibly the brightest in this particularly luminary league. Stephen Curry has dazzled his way through the league leaving us all jawless. While Klay Thompson is just as fearless of a scorer as he is a self-statesmen when given the opportunity, dropping 27 points in the 3rd quarter recently against the Phoenix Suns (43 total) before proclaiming himself the best shooting guard in the NBA.

Yet someone needs to do the dirty work when the rest of the team is dancing. That’s where Draymond Green comes in.

Defined by his heart and grit, Green has brought a well-needed toughness to this dancing Warriors team. While Steph Curry’s brilliance has brought a certain swagger to Golden State, it’s Draymond Green’s resolve and resiliency that keeps this team firing and fired up.

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Green has made his mark though his unparalleled defense, placing second in Defensive Player of the Year voting (a snub), and his uncanny versatility. Being an integral part of the Warrior’s Championship season, Green earned a 5-year, $85 Million deal this past offseason.

Now, with the stakes higher, Draymond Green has backed that paper with his play.

Along with the rest of the Warriors squad, Green has taken his game to the next level. While Green’s intensity and intangibles continue their persistent impact, it’s his evolving versatility that has truly sold him on being one of the most well rounded and all around best players in the Association. That $85 Million contract was a steal.

We knew Draymond Green’s versatility was something to be reckoned with. He has always played both sides of the ball with equal effort, is an excellent rebounder for an undersized forward, and can play on the perimeter, post, and off the dribble with equal effectiveness.

Yet, what makes Green much more polished this year is his exceptional ability to see the floor and find the open man. We saw flashes of this last year but it seems Green has been set free to play the Point Forward position and he does it just as well as anybody in the league.

Now with 193 assists on the season (as of 12/20), Green is fifth on the assist leader list, averaging the 7.1 APG, the most among his Warrior counterparts. His ability to find his teammates has allowed him to lead the league with four triple-doubles this season. Draymond Green’s versatility and spark has pushed the Warriors to a 26-1 start, with no signs of stopping. NBA, watch out for this young stud, he shows no signs of stopping either.

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