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NBA Games of the Week (Dec 21 – Dec 27)

With Christmas this Friday, you really should be hanging out with your family instead of watching NBA basketball…unless you can do both at the same time. I’d much rather spend this upcoming weekend away from the NBA, so this is a special, family-time conscious, Taylor Swift mentioning, express edition of NBA Games of the Week!

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Los Angeles Clippers

According to Chris Paul, the Clippers aren’t a team he would be worried about if he played for the opposition. I might just agree with Cliff’s twin brother on that one. However, the Clippers still have (a hideous logo) two elite players who can both go bananas, but so do the Thunder. Anytime four of the top 10ish players are all on a single court, it’s a must-see.

Detroit Pistons @ Miami Heat

Remember when Waka Flocka Flame was a thing? Remember when he made Hard In Da Paint? You might, but I don’t…2010 was all about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West and Speak Now by Taylor Swift. But, hard in the paint describes this matchup perfectly. Detroit is anchored by Andre Drummond and Miami has Hassan Whiteside locking down the paint. Expect big time collisions under the basket in this contest.

Dallas Mavericks @ Brooklyn Nets

Every time Dallas is in my Games of the Week, there’s always a player returning to a former team…or in DeAndre Jordan’s case, almost former? I feel like I am slightly disrespecting the Mavs because they’ve been pretty good to start the year. They give up a lot of open 3’s, but their opposition isn’t knocking them down. That will likely change, but all of that is stuff that doesn’t matter. It’s Deron Williams’ return to Brooklyn, where he single handedly sealed the Nets’ fate after earning a monster contract in New Jersey. With former teammates voicing their opinion about D-Will’s performance issues in New York, will the real D-Will, please show up?

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors

It’s the one must-see Christmas Day matchup everyone and their momma has been waiting for since June. Kyrie Irving is back, Kevin Love is present, and LeBron gets to lead a full complement of talent back to Oracle to take on the almost unbeatable defending champions. Do I really need to sell this matchup? Enjoy your Christmas!

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