• Marc Cantave

What Impact Will Jerry Colangelo Have on the Sixers?

*Photo via USA Today

The Philadelphia 76ers recently hired Jerry Colangelo as the chairman of basketball operations. Colangelo was brought in to save a franchise that's in desperate need of saving.

Colangelo is expected to make a big impact on the Sixers and to change their losing culture, but how fast can it happen? Can Colangelo save the Sixers before it's too late?

Jerry Colangelo has already started putting some moves into place. The Sixers are currently in talks with former head coach Mike D'Antoni. The Sixers are reportedly interested in bringing him in as an associate coach. D'Antoni is a great offensive minded coach and the Sixers could use his expertise in that field.

The Sixers are also interested in bringing in former NBA players Shane Battier and Elton Brand to provide mentorship to the younger Sixers players, according to TNT's David Aldridge. Bringing In these veterans will hopefully have the same effect as Kevin Garnett is having on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

*Photo via USA Today

Colangelo is not making huge moves, but he's already doing a better job than Sam Hinkie. He will have a great impact on the Sixers franchise and will be a crucial part of bringing this team back to relevancy.

With the 2016 NBA draft to look forward to, that's where Colangelo will really make his mark. The Sixers have a lot of great pieces and with a good draft and a good offseason, the Sixers can start the 2016-2017 season on a positive start. Colangelo has a lot of experience with NBA players as he used to be a huge part of USA basketball. Colangelo could even entice some NBA players to join the Philadelphia 76ers.

Colangelo is just getting started and he will prove to be a great addition to the Sixers. The Sixers could even compete for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference as soon as next season. The Philadelphia 76ers will become a respectable franchise again and it will be thanks to Jerry Colangelo.

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