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NBA Players Signature Shoes 2015-16 Season

Each year only a few NBA players release their own signature shoe for public purchase. These are some of the nicest and most expensive basketball shoes in the world. As fans, we all want to wear the same shoes that our favorite NBA players wear on the court. These famous brands consist of Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Under Armour. The players usually wear their signature shoe for the first half of the season, and then a similar edition during the second half. Some players have a custom shoe made, but the signature models belong to an elite few.

However, this group should continue to grow as more players reach NBA superstardom. The signature shoes are offered in an assortment of colors, and I personally try to buy two or three different pairs each year. Last year it was LeBron’s 12 "What if" shoe for me, to go along with two versions of John Wall’s black and red signature shoe. I’ve yet to decide which ones to buy this year, but I'm excited about the choices. Here is the list of players with a signature shoe for public purchase this year.

Curry 2 - Under Armour

Stephen Curry -- or as Drake likes to call him "Chef" Curry -- wore his own exclusive “Under Armour” shoe last year. This year the Curry 2 is bursting onto the scene with a mid-top style shoe, compared to last year’s low-top. The colors are Steel/Sunbleached/Black, Pacific/Europa Purple/White, Red/Academy/Metallic Gold, and the Golden State Dark Blue and Yellow (my personal favorite). Curry’s shoe features a SpeedForm technology designed for quickness and stability, and they also come with Charged Cushioning to absorb impact. The cost is $129.99.

LeBron XIII - Nike

Amazingly, LeBron James has released twelve signature shoes to date. This year’s 13 version is much different than last year's 12. They appear comfortable to play basketball in, but I'm not thrilled with the design. Personally, I thought the Lebron 11 and 12’s looked better, so these are not a shoe that I would buy. LeBron’s red edition shoe looks nothing like the Cleveland Cavalier colors, and too much like the Miami Heat’s. It’s a high-top shoe (most of LeBron’s are) and built for his style of play. The 13 was built to maximize explosiveness. Like LeBron, the shoe’s sleek upper design and dynamic fly wire cables are lean, light, durable, and strong. The shoe colors come in white and black, purple and black, or bright red. The price of the LeBron 13 is $199.99.

KD VIII - Nike

Every year Kevin Durant’s signature shoe seems to be the most colorful, and the trend is continuing this year with his low-top style coming in various colors. Two years ago I purchased the all-orange KD 6 NYC shoe, which is a personal favorite of mine. If you're a fan of low tops and fluorescent colors, then the KD's are for you. It has a Nike Fly weave construction for flexible support and lightweight, and it’s designed for making hard cuts. The KD shoe’s primary color is OKC Blue, with an orange Nike swoosh. It also comes in crimson red, gray, purple, black, green, and many other colors. There are customizable color options for the KD shoe, and the price is $179.99.

Kobe X Elite Low - Nike

The Kobe Bryant signature shoe is similar to KD's this year. In past years, he's released both a low and a high top shoe. His newest shoe is unique, in that it attaches to part of the ankle. I prefer Kobe’s low-top style shoe because of the design, but the high-top offers greater ankle support. The low-top features fly-wire technology, for mid-foot lockdown and stability. It also comes with translucent rubber to enhance traction. The primary color is a Lakers all-purple, with a white Nike swoosh. Additional colors include yellow, green, and black, and the price of the Kobe Low is $199.99.

Wall 2 - Adidas

Just as Curry did last year, John Wall picked up his first signature shoe. Personally, I loved the shoe so much that I purchased two different black and red styles. However, I’m not in love with this year’s shoe -- as I was last year -- particularly because of the design on its side. The shoe’s primary colors are navy blue and white, similar to those of the Washington Wizards colors. It also features the colors white on white with red, and a black and orange style. The shoe was built with synthetic leather for comfort, breathability, and a premium feel. John Wall is a personal favorite of mine, so I may break down and buy his white on white style. His 2’s price-in at $114.99.

Melo 11 - Jordan

Carmelo Anthony’s signature shoe has historically featured a New York Knicks style, and this year is no different. It will also come in different color waves and combinations. Some nights Melo wears an all-black style -- with blue and orange on the side and bottom -- while other nights he wears a white and blue shoe. I would personally purchase either style. Melo's shoe was designed specifically for his game. It can handle his power around the hoop, explosiveness on the wing, and his elusiveness in the open floor. The Melo shoe color options are black and gold, white and red, black and green, and others. The M11's cost $159.99

Cp3 IX - Jordan

Similar to Melo, Chris Paul has his own signature shoe from Jordan. It is a low to mid shoe with various color options and cool designs. This shoe provides elite lockdown, explosive responsiveness, and a range of motion through the ankle. The shoe’s primary colors are a Clippers blue with black, but they also come in a black and yellow, black and green, and a black and white. Cp3’s IX's cost $114.99.

D Lillard 1 - Adidas

Last January, Adidas revealed Damian Lillard's first signature shoe, and in October released a continuation of it in a similar style. The shoe’s primary color is a Portland Trailblazers black and red. It is built for players with dynamic jumping ability around the rim, as Portland's high-flying point guard is. The shoe also features enhanced traction control for quick open floor cuts and explosive half-court crossovers. Lillard’s shoe is simple and it looks comfortable. Additional color options come in blue and black, white and black, and others. D Lillard 1's cost $104.99.

D Rose 6 - Adidas

Derrick Rose has had his share of injuries, but he is still one of the few NBA players with a signature shoe. His shoe comes with a unique high-top design and color. The white on white are my personal favorites, but they also come in a brown and black, as well as a traditional Chicago Bulls black on red. A feature of his shoe is a synthetic leather to provide comfort, breathability, and a premium feel. The D Rose 6's run for $139.99.

Of the newest signature shoe editions available this year, I personally will most likely purchase the Curry, Melo, or John Wall models. Other notable players who could have new signature shoes for purchase are James Harden (Adidas) and Kyrie Irving (Nike). Harden signed a two-hundred-million-dollar contract with Adidas last summer, and he has hinted that a different signature shoe will come out after January. Irving's first shoe came out last December, which could be followed-up with its continuation or a different signature version this year.

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