• Marc Cantave

How a Sixers Fan Deals With the Sixers

There are three certain things in life; death, taxes, and the Sixers losing. The Sixers are currently 0-18 and the closest chance the Sixers have to winning a game is tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers, who are 2-14, and we still might lose.(They won!!!)* Most of the Sixers games this season have been decided by third quarter. However, the Sixers have lost some close games recently so at least when they lose it looks like they could've won.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been at the bottom of the Eastern Conference for the past three years with no signs of improving in sight. So just how does a Sixers fan deal with their favorite team?

Hope for the Best:

*Photo via USA Today

The Philadelphia 76ers are a young team with promising pieces that can eventually lead us back to the playoffs, at least that's what general manager Sam Hinkie keeps on telling us. The only way Sixers fans deals with the horrible Sixers is by hoping they will improve soon. If you keep tanking every year, you will eventually get better, right? Right? Nonetheless, Sixers fans can only put their faith in a higher power and hope for the best.

Watch College Basketball:

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With the Sixers already eliminated from playoff contention, Sixers fans may as well watch NCAA basketball to scout potential lottery picks. With names like Ben Simmons being floated around, the only thing that can make Sixers fans excited is knowing that we could have a potential number one draft pick. We might as well watch the college games, because at least they are competitive..

Stay off Twitter:

Nothing is more demoralizing than insulting an NBA team on Twitter and for their fans to turn around and say "at least we won a game". People can be so cruel sometimes. Your best bet as a Sixers fan is to support your team, but do not engage in trash talking because at the end of the day you will always lose that battle.

These are just some of the ways that Sixers fan deals with the Sixers. Even the most devout fans are starting to turn away from the team. Jimmy Fallon has made a national mockery of us as he states, "you know the 76ers are bad when the last time they won, Benjamin franklin had court side seats." At least we've made it to late night television.

It's rough being a Sixers fan these days. The constant jokes and mockery of our once storied franchise is humiliating, but the Sixers fans can hold their heads on the fact that we will improve and will be respectable again.

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