• Parth Goradia

NBA Games of the Week (November 30 – December 6)

San Antonio Spurs @ Chicago Bulls

My games of the week tips off with a matchup between the under-the-radar Spurs facing the surprisingly defensive Bulls. When Thibodeau was replaced by the offensive minded Hoiberg, everyone thought Chicago would be a much better offensive team. Well, they are ranked 28th in offensive efficiency while being ranked 5th in defense…weird. The Spurs are 1st in defensive efficiency…what a way to start out the week for Chicago. Oh, I almost forgot…Leonard vs. Butler, sign me up for that!

Los Angeles Lakers @ Philadelphia 76ers

Kobe Bryant made the United States stop caring about football mid Sunday after the Players Tribune posted his goodbye to basketball. This comes just days before his return to Philly, where he played high school basketball. Word on the street is that Jahlil Okafor is going to get to the arena in a hurry and go through whoever he has to, just to see Kobe during pregame. The Philly crowd will be there to show their appreciation, and hopefully Kobe plays well for a proper send off in the City of Brotherly Love.

Toronto Raptors @ Atlanta Hawks

Matchups between the Raptors and the Hawks could very well decide which one of these two have home court advantage in the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. I believe these two will be the 4th and 5th seeds in the East, so you may get a first round preview in December. Need another reason to watch this game? The Hawks have the best organist in Sir Foster, who makes all Hawks games super entertaining.

Indiana Pacers @ Portland Trail Blazers

I thought Indiana would be good…but not this good. Paul George is playing MVP basketball and has his Pacers gunning for the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Portland started the season off hot, but have since come back down to Earth. However, both squads can light it up, which makes for a fun game to watch while you enjoy your thirsty Thursday.

Brooklyn Nets @ New York Knicks

Oh I remember the days when the Nets moved to Brooklyn and the battle of the boroughs was born. Well here we are in late 2015, and this game doesn’t look all that appealing. However, Brooklyn did just beat Detroit and New York still has Porzingis. Just imagine the chaos at MSG if Porzingis hits a game winner against the Nets. Tune in!

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Miami Heat

LeBron returns to Miami in a matchup between the two best teams in the Eastern Conference. The Cavs played the Heat during the first week of the season and coasted to an easy victory at the Q. This go around at the AAA, Miami should be ready for the King and his men…who will not roll into the arena on phunkeeducks.

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