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NBA Games of the Week (November 16 – 22)

Another week, and another slate of NBA games you need to watch this week. Let’s get right into it.

Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets

This matchup features two teams who are in the top third in pace but middle third in offensive efficiency…which is weird. But while Boston is at the top of the league defensively, Houston is at the bottom. Surprisingly, the matchup favors the Celtics, but the Rockets have James Harden, who looks to regain his 2014-15 form.

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Orlando Magic

Wiggins and KAT are both potential superstars in the league. Minnesota could be the next Oklahoma City in the next five years if they play it smart and mix it with a little bit of luck. It’ll take more than luck to get by the Magic in Orlando. Expect highlight worthy plays littered throughout this contest with a photo finish to top it off.

Golden State Warriors @ Los Angeles Clippers

Welcome to games of the week Turner. They say the sequels are never as good as the original, but this might be an exception. After their hot start, the Warriors seem to be cooling down. It hasn’t affected the loss column yet, but maybe this game in Staples changes that. The best rivalry in the NBA adds another chapter.

New York Knicks @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Kristaps, Porzingis. The rook is responsible for millions of Vine loops after seemingly putting the opposition on countless put-back posters. Ah, nothing like a challenge for Russell Westbrook, who will want to add climbing mount Porzingis to his next YouTube mixtape.

Atlanta Hawks @ Cleveland Cavaliers

The Hawks return to the Q, where they were sent fishing in the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals. A couple of things have changed, but these are the still top two in the East. Atlanta couldn’t consistently space the floor in the ECF, but Al Horford put in work over the summer and returned with a reliable three point shot. Time to find out if that changes things.

Phoenix Suns @ New Orleans Pelicans

Phoenix has regained their 2013-14 form in terms of being an absolute joy to watch. New Orleans has stunk up the joint…like seriously they’ve been awful. Head-to-head matchups between these two may wind up deciding who gets in to the playoffs and who is at home on the couch.

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