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NBA Games of the Week (November 9 – 15)

Last week’s selection of games were pretty damn good. I am patting myself on the back as I type this sentence with one hand…which is actually pretty tough. Anyway, back to this week, and we have some interesting storylines accompanying some of these matchups. Think you know who’s going to win? Follow us on Twitter and vote when we pose a poll a couple of hours before the game!

Detroit Pistons @ Golden State Warriors

The Detroit Stan Vans are off to a blistering start and the play of Andre Drummond is the primary reason. Dude has been a physically imposing mountain of dominance and is a 25-20 threat every night. For the Dubs, Steph Curry has been the best and most dominant player during this young season. It’s hard to see Golden State losing, but Detroit’s athletes and dominant post play provide an interesting dynamic.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Washington Wizards

The battle for Kevin Durant takes center stage as the Thunder visit the Verizon Center to take on the Wizards and their awful uniforms. Jeez guys, if you want Durant, please rebrand. Also tagging along for the ride is Russell Westbrook, who squares off against John Wall in one of the best point guard matchups of the season.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Dallas Mavericks

DeAndre Jordan’s first trip to Dallas after an emoji filled duel saw him staying with the Clippers and spurning the Mavericks. A story of betrayal and heartbreak…just like your emotions after you realize Tyler Perry is in the movie you just paid for (he was good in Gone Girl though, props Tyler). Even if you think the Clips will roll, this game is worth watching for the reception Jordan receives. And wait until the Mavs send DJ to the line…the crowd is going to go bananas.

Utah Jazz @ Orlando Magic

Orlando may not win most of their games, but man they have been the best league pass team, by far. This game should be no different, as the Utah Jazz and Gordon Hayward’s hair make their way to the number one family destination in the country. These were my sleeper teams in both conferences to make the playoffs, but you should watch because it’s an early game and should be an exciting finish while you pregame for your night out!

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Milwaukee Bucks

Remember when Charles Barkley said he thought the Milwaukee Bucks could pose real problems for the Cavs during Inside the NBA? Well, they are about to get their chance. Milwaukee has dynamic two way players, all of whom would make Jay Bilas uncontrollably aroused. Cleveland still should have their 80’s porno mustaches and Kevin Love should still have a chia pet growing on his head. How can you say no to that?

Portland Trail Blazers @ Charlotte Hornets

So let me be the first to tell you, this is unexpected. The Blazers have another interesting game earlier in the week (Wednesday on ESPN) in which LaMarcus Aldridge makes his return to the Moda Center with the Spurs…but I liked this game better because it seems to be more evenly matched. Plus, these two made a trade during the offseason which should add a revenge factor for the players involved. Portland has been super fun to watch thanks to their backcourt and Charlotte may have a Super Saiyan on their roster. Find out who wins on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

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