• Robert Britz

Fairy Tale Season 2.0

*Photo via the Big Lead

It’s fairy tale season 2.0 for the freshly donned Champions and surely no one is happier than Luke Walton. Despite missing their head coach, Steve Kerr’s young squad hasn’t skipped a beat. It looks like the Warriors are set to frolic their way through another breeze of season headed by the man in the ruby slippers: Stephen Curry.

This is no gimmick; after defeating their playoff foe, Memphis Grizzlies by fifty points in their most recent joyride, the Golden State Warriors look to skip into the abyss again along their own version of the Yellow Brick Road. Though they are just four games into their season, it’s clear that this young Warriors team is ready to defend their title against an aggressively improved Western Conference.

Let’s look at the numbers to clarify this motif: led by Curry--who has dropped 148 points so far--the Warriors have outscored their opponents by 100 points through four games. This means the Warriors are beating their opponents by an average of 25 points each game.

While the offensive numbers pop, its Golden State’s defensive play that has been extremely impressive, holding their opponents to just 94 points per game. And while it's Steph Curry’s offensive prowess that pops on the screen, (and certainly on the scoreboard), it’s a total team effort on the defensive end.

This is exactly why Golden State is ready to defend their title: they know how to play with each other and they all know their roles. In a Western Conference that has seemingly improved in their pursuit of the buckle-armed Warriors squad, each rebranded team will have some chemistry issues to work through.

Thus, while the rest of the Western Conference tries to figure out exactly where they are, the Golden State Warriors will be clicking those heels together and heading home.

*Stats courtesy of Basketball-reference.com

*Article written 11/3/15

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