• Landon Buford

Say Goodbye to Hollywood?

What do the Los Angeles Lakers need from Kobe Bryant this year?

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Well for starters the Los Angeles Lakers need to have a healthy Kobe Bryant by seasons end. Kobe has finished the last three seasons in a tailored suit instead of his purple and gold 24. Not only do the Lakers need him on the court, but they also need him to produce; 15 to 20 points a game and close to double digit assists. In addition, Bryant needs to be the player he was when

Shaquille O'Neal was around in his earlier years. Even though that doesn’t mean returning to the afro and facial hair he does need to be more of a team player while taking a leader/mentor role. Think Michael Jordan with the Washington Wizards.

Will Kobe Bryant play beyond this current contract year or will he retire?

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Yes, Kobe Bryant will play beyond this upcoming season, but it might have to be in another uniform. This is going to be hard to fathom, but it is highly likely this is an end of an era. Now, I have no idea where he might end up after this season, but with Phil Jackson in New York City that could be a likely destination. If he has to leave Los Angeles, this would be a tough pill for Los Angeles Lakers fans to swallow, but it's a possibility.

What would be a perfect send off for Kobe this year?

Making it to the playoffs for opportunity to for a deep run and contending for that elusive sixth ring would be a perfect send off for Kobe Bryant!

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